• 4 Signs Your Home’s Fencing is Due to be Replaced

    That old wood fence out there may be trying to last forever, but do you really want it to?  At some point, your fence will need to be replaced.  It’s up to you whether that happens before or after it falls down.  Hopefully you’ll choose the former!

    Old Wooden Fence

    Consider these four signs your fence probably needs to be replaced.


    1. Stains

    Stains on a wood fence come from the corrosion and rusting of nails and fasteners.  First, you’ll see stains or streaks from the corrosion, and eventually the fasteners and nails will lose their grip, causing your fence to literally fall apart.  Not only do stains look bad, but stains are also an indication of a lack of structural integrity.


    2. Material

    The average lifespan of a fence depends on the quality of the material used.  For instance, a wood fence will need frequent repair and replacement if a low quality wood was used.  If you’re in the market for a fence, then investigate the different materials available. If you choose wood, then consider cedar.  You can also look into materials such as aluminum, vinyl, and wrought iron.


    3. Privacy and Security

    Your fence should provide your home a certain level of security and privacy.  If you feel like you are falling short in either of these categories, then your fence isn’t doing its job.


    4. The Look

    It could be because you’re remodeling or that you’re tired of looking at the same old fence, but sometimes your current fence is taking away from the appearance of your home and property. When your fence just doesn’t look good anymore, you’re due for a new fence.


    At Paramount Fence , we know your home is paramount to you.  That’s why we offer you options in cedar, vinyl, wrought iron, aluminum, and wood fence options.  To choose your new fence, visit our website today!

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  • Types of Fencing

    There are all kinds of fence types, including aluminum, vinyl, wood, and wrought iron.  Almost any fencing material can suit your needs, whether your priority is privacy, security, or distinguishing your property lines.

    To learn more about the variety of fences and what to consider when choosing your fence, watch this video featuring various experts on the subject. When you buy a cedar fence , for example, you want to be sure it’s 100% cedar so that you’ll benefit from its structural integrity as well as its aesthetic beauty.  Also, when you choose vinyl, make sure it’s properly supported.

    At Paramount Fence , we offer you almost every type of fence in almost any style.  Most importantly, we work with you to make sure it’s exactly what you want and will be there for a long time to come.  If you’re looking for more information on our services, then feel free to browse our website  or give us a call: (630) 406-8410 

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    Whether you are planning on installing a cedar, vinyl, or aluminum fence, do your research first to make sure you are making the best decisions on material choice and installation. Below are several excellent resources to help you with all of your fence needs.

    Stained arbor

    If you have any more questions about the Fence Building process, then give us a call at Paramount Fence  (630) 406-8410. We would love to answer any questions you may have!

  • Some Great Articles To Read If You Are Looking To Build A New Fence

    Get some ideas from some of the world’s famous fences and learn how to decide on your own fence:


    • When we think about the major monuments around the world, we hardly ever think about the fence. Learn about some of the most famous fences of the world in this article.


    • Buckingham Palace has one of the most famous fences in the world. If you haven’t had the chance to see it for yourself , then check it out here.


    • Wild West towns like Tombstone often have horse rings surrounded by wooden fences. To plan your trip to Tombstone, AZ, visit this website and see the fences up close.

    If you’re in the market for a new fence, then you should look at these resources:


    • Choosing the right fence for your yard can be tricky. Here are some suggestions on how to choose a fence.


    • It might surprise you to learn about all the options for fencing. Take a look at the different types of fences and all of their features.

    Once you decide to build a new fence, contact the experts at Paramount Fence and we would love to help you!

  • How To Repair Wood Fences

    If you have a wood fence and are looking for an easy way to spruce up your yard, then you should consider painting your fence. First, get your fence ready by applying primer and taping off areas that you don’t want to paint. Then stir the paint and pour it into a paint tray.

    Now, you are almost ready to get started painting your wood fence. If you are unsure about how to go about selecting a color and style of paint, then watch this video for tips on the proper steps to take for painting a wood fence.

    Unfortunately, a simple paint job cannot always fix an old and deteriorating fence.  In that case, call Paramount Fence for a free estimate at 630-406-8410.  We provide expert workmanship and timely services in installing or repairing any type of fence, from wrought iron to vinyl. Call today to get a free estimate!.

  • How Ornamental Fencing Can Transform Your Property

    If you are trying to decide on which fence material to use, then consider an ornamental aluminum fence. When used in the right way, an ornamental aluminum fence can transform your property and increase its resale value. 

    1. Elegance

    An ornamental aluminum fence can give your house the touch of elegance it’s been missing. Ornamental aluminum fencing is designed to look like a wrought iron fence, but aluminum comes at a significantly cheaper price . Ornamental aluminum fences come in a variety of finishes, including white, bronze, and black. With the right color to match your house, you can enhance the overall appearance of your yard. Furthermore, since your fence is an investment on your property, it will enhance the overall value of your house.


    2. Security

    The main purpose of a fence is to invoke a sense of security. This is particularly useful if you have pets, kids, or if you just like your privacy. If privacy is important to you, then you should consider a cedar fence. If safety is more important to you, then your home can benefit from an ornamental aluminum or wrought iron fence.  Aluminum fences are durable and require low maintenance. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the weather or other elements jeopardizing the integrity of your fence.


    3. Privacy

    Although ornamental fencing provides less privacy than wood fences, they still work to establish a space that is your own. No matter what kind of fence you install, from wrought iron to aluminum, they create boundaries that denote unique spaces.


    To have an ornamental aluminum fence or any other type of fence installed, call Paramount Fence  today. As members of the American Fence Association and the Better Business Bureau, we build our wood, wrought iron, vinyl, and other fences with the highest quality and craftsmanship. Call today to schedule your free estimate! (630) 406-8410

  • How to Choose a Fence for Your Property

    Originally, fences were designed to protect your property. Nowadays, fences are used to provide a decorative look for your yard. Here is a guide to help you find the perfect fence that will protect your house and compliment your property.


    Wood Fences

    If you are more of a picket fence kind of person, then a traditional wood fence will probably suit your needs. Decide on a color and get ready to set up your fence.

    Copy (2) of 101_0107

    Wrought Iron

    A wrought iron fence can provide a romantic or dramatic atmosphere for your yard. Imagine how peaceful your yard could look with ivy growing on your beautiful wrought iron fence.

    Spanish Balcony Jugs

    Aluminum Fence

    Aluminum is a durable material that can keep your yard protected. It also won’t suffer from the elements as some wooden fences might. Therefore, if you live in a really wet climate, then this might be the best option.

    Alum-black-arched gate

    Vinyl Fences

    If you want the look of a picket fence, but don’t want to deal with maintaining wood, then a vinyl fence could be a good option for you. Get the look you want with minimal upkeep.


    The perfect fence for you is out there, you just need to find one that fits all of your needs. Decide on the function and the form for the fence you want, and you should have no trouble finding a great one for your property.

    Come to Paramount Fence to pick out your perfect fence today! Our wood, vinyl, aluminum, and cedar fences are stylish and durable. We also have chain link and commercial fences. Your fence should reflect your taste, and we’re here to help you find that perfect fence.

  • Easy Garden Crafts: Decorating Garden Walls

    Instead of painting that old garden wall, why not make use of some of the nick-knacks you have lying around your house?

    If you have a bunch of old bird houses, for example, try affixing them to the wall in different areas. After watching this video, you might feel inspired to get creative with some stained glass, ceramic, or pieces of old plates for your wall.

    If you’re in the market for a new fence, then you should come to Paramount Fence today. Our wood, vinyl, aluminum, and cedar fences are stylish and durable. We also have chain link and commercial fences. Your fence should reflect your taste, and we’re here to help you find that perfect fence !

  • Famous Fences around the World

    You might not expect a wooden or wrought-iron fence to be famous, but you would be surprised to hear how many of the world’s fences are actually world-renowned. Check out some of these famous fences of the world to get some ideas for a fence to go around your yard!

    Royal Fences

    Some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world can only be seen from the far side of a fence. Buckingham Palace and other royal residences are often protected by wrought iron fences. The White House has another example of a famous fence. 

    Canada Gate at Green Park London

    Back to the Wild West

    The most famous pictures of the Wild West include horse rings and other areas of towns surrounded by wooded fences to keep the livestock from getting away. If you want to see a creative way to make a wood fence, then check out famous Western towns like Tombstone, Arizona.

    ranch - saddle on fence

    Today’s Famous Fences

    Some of the most famous fences that can be found today exist outside of the homes of celebrities. Tall aluminum fences protect their homes from the nosy eyes of the paparazzi and excited fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. Pick up a tabloid to see some of the new advancements in protective fences.

    Wrought Iron

    There are many ways to make a fence a creative part of the design of your home. Think about a vinyl or cedar fence to make it more unique.

    Paramount Fence is here to supply you with the best-looking, most reliable fences around. Whether you’re in the market for classy wrought-iron or a more traditional wooden fence, we have got you covered. Come in today to find the perfect fence for your home.