• Popular Fence Styles and Colors for 2018

    If it’s time to put up a new fence in your yard, you have plenty of options to choose from. With a variety of styles and colors available, you can have almost any combination you can dream of. While it’s nice to have choices, you might be wondering what styles and colors of fences are popular today.

    Popular Fence Styles for 2018

    • Privacy Fences – Just about any solid fence can be used for privacy. With just about everything being public today thanks to social media, it’s nice to be able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and privacy.
    • White Picket Fences – These traditional American classics are just as popular in 2018 as they were 50 years ago. These white picket fences are great for front yards and will probably never go out of style.
    • Rustic Fences – This retro style includes split-rail fences made from beams. These fences were traditionally used on farms but have become popular for residential homes as well.
    • Ornamental Aluminum Fences – These decorative fences are sturdy and fashionable. They can also be affordable and can attractively frame your home.

    Popular Fence Colors for 2018

    • Amsterdam Blue – There are plenty of shades of blue that look good on fences. Dark blue is always nice, but a shade called Amsterdam is becoming more popular. This is a deep shade of blue with a regal feel and can almost make you feel like you’re at the beach.
    • Eucalyptus – Grays are also popular colors for fences. Lots of homeowners are using the weathered gray look, and a shade like Eucalyptus can make it feel more modern. Dark gray is another popular choice.
    • Dark Yellow – This shade of Golden Ember is so dark that some people confuse it with a brown. This look combines a classic and traditional look with a more modern Avant-garde feel.
    • White – As mentioned above, the white picket fence never seems to go out of style.

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  • Tips for Preparing Your Property for Fence Installation

    A brand-new fence can bring new life to your property by changing up your aesthetics, and it can also bring you protection and security. If you’re getting ready for a fence installation , start by finding your property line. Then make sure you have the tools you need if your contractor isn’t installing it for you, and lay down the foundation. Here’s more on how to prepare for a new fence installation.

    Find Your Property Line

    Before you make any radical adjustments to your property, you should have a conversation with your neighbors so you can keep them in the loop. A new fence installation may affect your neighbors’ properties almost as much as it affects yours, and it’s polite to let them know what to expect. Once your neighbors know what’s going on, find out where your property line is. Work on the near side of the line to make sure you’re not encroaching on other people’s territory when you put your fence up.

    Gather Your Tools

    There are certain tools that will be necessary for the job. You’ll need a shovel to dig the holes for your fence posts, as well as a tape measuring tool to align the actual project with the design. You may also need screwdrivers, clamps, and paint. The specific tools you need will vary based on the materials you’re working with, so know what you need in advance.

    Set the Foundation

    Don’t start the fence installation process until you’ve created a solid outline of what you’re looking for. The foundation and outline will guide you throughout the installation process, so you won’t have to keep taking measurements while you’re setting up your new fence. The whole installation process will affect the fence’s durability.

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  • Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

    Vinyl Fence Chicagoland

    When choosing fencing materials for fence installations, you have the option of a wood fence, such as a red cedar fence; a metal fence, such as an aluminum fence or chain link fence; or a plastic fence, such as a PVC fence or vinyl fence.

    Vinyl fences are versatile, and are available in a variety of colors and textures. Vinyl fence installations are also affordable, and because they’re so low-maintenance you won’t need to worry about repairs. Vinyl fences are much stronger than wood fences, and are incredibly durable. Even in extreme temperatures and weather conditions, they’re unlikely to buckle, break, or crack. They are not susceptible to rust and corrosion, like metal fences are, and will not suffer from insect infestations, warping, and mold growth like wood fences.

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  • Modern Fence Materials to Consider for Your Property

    Residential Fencing Chicagoland

    Before installing a fence around your property, you will need to sit down and decide which fencing material you want to use based on your specific needs. If privacy is one of your biggest concerns, a vinyl privacy fence is probably your best option, but if you want something simpler, a chain link fence will likely do the trick. Here are some modern fence materials that you can use for your fence installation.

    Are you interested in installing a fence that will keep your backyard private and be very easy to maintain? If so, vinyl fencing is a great choice. Unlike other types of fences, you won’t have to do much to it once you have it installed, and a vinyl privacy fence will make it nearly impossible for neighbors to see into your yard. You can turn the space into your own oasis and spend more time enjoying your yard instead of maintaining the fence that surrounds it.

    If you don’t mind doing some maintenance to your fence, you should look into the wide range of wooden fences that are available. There are a number of different kinds of wood that are used to build wooden fences today, and you can paint or stain a wooden fence just about any color. You can also repair wooden fences easily by replacing any portion of the fence that needs to be fixed. You will need to be prepared to maintain the fence at least once every few years, but as long as it is installed properly, it should last you a long time.

    Is an ornamental fence more your style? For years, wrought iron fences were popular amongst homeowners looking for a decorative option, but today, ornamental fences can be created using aluminum. Aluminum fencing is significantly cheaper than wrought iron and can be installed more easily. It will help set the tone for the style of your home.

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  • What are the Benefits of Vinyl Fencing?

    In recent years, vinyl fencing has emerged as one of the most popular fencing materials in the United States. Vinyl fences are ideal for almost any application, and the low cost and low maintenance requirements of vinyl beats most other fencing materials. If you’re considering a new fence installation, think about the benefits you’ll enjoy with vinyl fencing:

    Versatile Design Options

    Vinyl fencing is available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes. Vinyl fences are also easy to paint over, should you ever decide to change the appearance of your fence. Vinyl fencing comes in a number of different shapes and sizes so you can achieve any desired look.

    Low Maintenance Requirements

    While no fence material is completely maintenance-free, vinyl fencing is about as close as you can get. Vinyl fences only require general cleaning with soap and water to maintain their appearance. Because vinyl fencing is naturally water-resistant, you don’t have to apply primer to protect it from rust or rot. There’s also no need to repaint a vinyl fence since vinyl doesn’t lose its color over time.

    Incredible Strength and Durability

    Another benefit of vinyl fencing is the fact that it’s one of the strongest fencing materials you can buy. Vinyl is nearly five times as strong as wood, and it’s resistant to mold, rust, rot, insects, and other problems that plague wooden fencing. Vinyl fences are also more flexible than wood fences, which makes it a great choice in the Windy City.

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