• Why winter is a good time to have a fence installed

    Many of us don’t think about having work done in our yards in the winter time, but some outdoor chores are better done when the weather’s cool. If you’ve been putting off fence installation until the spring, for instance, you might want to rethink your schedule. There are plenty of good reasons to install a new fence when the weather is cool.

    • Contractors aren’t as busy in the winter. This means it may be easier to find someone to do the work, and you may even be offered a discounted cost for the labor. The job also may be finished more quickly, because contractors will often commit a larger crew to the project when they’re not stretched too thin by other projects.
    • Work done in the winter is easier on your plants. When most of your landscape has gone dormant, your plants are less likely to be damaged if they need to be relocated or trimmed back. What’s more, the grass won’t be as dramatically affected by equipment and a work crew in the winter. Then, too, you’ll know if anything needs to be replaced well in advance of spring, so you can get it planted early and well-established by summer.
    • When you get the work done in the winter, you’ll be better able to enjoy the spring. Having your new fence installed in the winter means that by spring, you’ll be able to truly relax and enjoy your improved yard. You can even invite friends and family to join you, without having to postpone until the new fence is finished.

    If you’re ready to get a jump on your new fence, call Paramount Fence Inc for professional installation. At Paramount, we’ve been in business for over ten years, but our combined experience in the fence industry spans more than half a century! We’re a full-service fence sales and fence installation business in the Chicagoland area, and we’re dedicated to providing creative and affordable solutions that address our clients’ needs and fulfill their requests. Our staff offers exceptional customer service, striving to exceed your expectations throughout the fence buying and fence installation process. We provide high-quality, beautiful fences, and our reputation for excellence is well-established. Paramount Fence Inc is a member of the American Fence Association and a registered member of the Better Business Bureau. For more information on how we can help you find the right fence to meet your needs, call us at 630.239.2714 or contact us through our website.

  • Taking a Closer Look at Our Commercial Fencing

    In addition to residential fencing, Paramount Fence offers commercial fencing for a variety of different needs. Whether your business needs fencing for security or to enhance the appearance of your outside space, we offer several fence styles as well as fence installation and repair services.

    Our chain link fences can be constructed in a variety of heights for security purposes and can support the addition of barbed wire across the tops. It is also possible to add privacy slats to our chain link fences for additional security. For businesses looking for fencing for aesthetic purposes, we offer ornamental steel and wooden fences in a variety of styles and designs.

    If you’re looking for commercial fences in Chicagoland, choose Paramount Fence. We can design a fence for your business’ specific needs and provide full installation and repair services. Find out more by calling (630) 406-8410 to speak to one of our team members.

  • Popular Fence Styles and Colors for 2018

    If it’s time to put up a new fence in your yard, you have plenty of options to choose from. With a variety of styles and colors available, you can have almost any combination you can dream of. While it’s nice to have choices, you might be wondering what styles and colors of fences are popular today.

    Popular Fence Styles for 2018

    • Privacy Fences – Just about any solid fence can be used for privacy. With just about everything being public today thanks to social media, it’s nice to be able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and privacy.
    • White Picket Fences – These traditional American classics are just as popular in 2018 as they were 50 years ago. These white picket fences are great for front yards and will probably never go out of style.
    • Rustic Fences – This retro style includes split-rail fences made from beams. These fences were traditionally used on farms but have become popular for residential homes as well.
    • Ornamental Aluminum Fences – These decorative fences are sturdy and fashionable. They can also be affordable and can attractively frame your home.

    Popular Fence Colors for 2018

    • Amsterdam Blue – There are plenty of shades of blue that look good on fences. Dark blue is always nice, but a shade called Amsterdam is becoming more popular. This is a deep shade of blue with a regal feel and can almost make you feel like you’re at the beach.
    • Eucalyptus – Grays are also popular colors for fences. Lots of homeowners are using the weathered gray look, and a shade like Eucalyptus can make it feel more modern. Dark gray is another popular choice.
    • Dark Yellow – This shade of Golden Ember is so dark that some people confuse it with a brown. This look combines a classic and traditional look with a more modern Avant-garde feel.
    • White – As mentioned above, the white picket fence never seems to go out of style.

    To schedule a free estimate, contact Paramount Fence at 630-239-2714.

  • Tips for Preparing Your Property for Fence Installation

    A brand-new fence can bring new life to your property by changing up your aesthetics, and it can also bring you protection and security. If you’re getting ready for a fence installation , start by finding your property line. Then make sure you have the tools you need if your contractor isn’t installing it for you, and lay down the foundation. Here’s more on how to prepare for a new fence installation.

    Find Your Property Line

    Before you make any radical adjustments to your property, you should have a conversation with your neighbors so you can keep them in the loop. A new fence installation may affect your neighbors’ properties almost as much as it affects yours, and it’s polite to let them know what to expect. Once your neighbors know what’s going on, find out where your property line is. Work on the near side of the line to make sure you’re not encroaching on other people’s territory when you put your fence up.

    Gather Your Tools

    There are certain tools that will be necessary for the job. You’ll need a shovel to dig the holes for your fence posts, as well as a tape measuring tool to align the actual project with the design. You may also need screwdrivers, clamps, and paint. The specific tools you need will vary based on the materials you’re working with, so know what you need in advance.

    Set the Foundation

    Don’t start the fence installation process until you’ve created a solid outline of what you’re looking for. The foundation and outline will guide you throughout the installation process, so you won’t have to keep taking measurements while you’re setting up your new fence. The whole installation process will affect the fence’s durability.

    Do you have questions about how you should prepare for your fence installation in Chicagoland? Please call Paramount Fence at (630) 406-8410 to see how we can help. We deal with PVC, aluminum, and ornamental fences, and our website discusses our services.

  • What Are the Benefits of Ornamental Aluminum Fencing?

    When you’re looking for a new fence for your front yard or your commercial property, start by choosing a material. Fencing material affects durability, aesthetic quality, and ease of maintenance, and many people find aluminum fences to be the right choice.

    Aluminum is an excellent choice for fencing material. It’s easy to use, it will last a long time, and it doesn’t require the same kind of upkeep as more delicate materials such as wood. Aluminum is even preferred over other metals in many cases, because unlike other metals, aluminum won’t collect rust. It’s a lightweight material, so it’s not as expensive as most of its alternatives, and yet it’s still durable enough to stand the test of time. An ornamental aluminum fence is especially favorable if you have a more traditional home or property design.

    You can enjoy the benefits of an ornamental aluminum fence in Chicagoland for yourself when you work with Paramount Fence. We also have dog-proof fences and can help out with fence repairs, so call us at (630) 406-8410 for more details about our options.

  • Spotlight on Ornamental Commercial Fences

    Commercial fences have to be functional, but they can also be aesthetically appealing. At Paramount Fence, we can help you select the right commercial fence for your property, so you can ensure that the fence meets the needs of your business and has the design you want.

    We offer ornamental steel fences as well as board-and-batten ornamental fencing and ornamental pool fencing. The right kind of commercial fencing for your property depends on a number of different factors, including the size of the space you’re enclosing and why you need a fence. For instance, if you need commercial fencing for a pool, your fence design must meet specific safety requirements, while if you’re looking for a fence for an outdoor eating area, you may wish to consider your customers’ privacy.

    Let Paramount Fence help your business with all of your commercial fence needs in Chicagoland. You can contact us today to discuss your options for fence installation by calling (630) 406-8410.

  • Reasons to Choose Cedar for Your Commercial Fence

    Are you planning to begin fence installation on your commercial property ? If so, then you may be struggling to decide on the best material for your needs. Read on to learn why many property owners choose to install western red cedar for their commercial fencing.

    Cedar Looks Great

    Many people choose wood for their fencing when they want a material that will function well and fulfill their needs, but that also looks attractive and enhances their property. Western red cedar had a smooth texture and smells good, but it also looks beautiful and can complement many types of landscaping and property design.

    Cedar is Tough

    Many people love the aesthetic appeal of a wooden fence but have concerns about the durability of this type of material. If you want a wood fence that can stand the test of time, then cedar offers you an ideal option. Because it contains acids and oils that are unappealing to many bugs, western red cedar wood boasts a natural resistance to decay and rot. You can expect your red cedar fence to provide you with years of function and durability, in addition to natural beauty.

    Cedar is Environmentally-Friendly

    When you choose cedar for your commercial fence, you can feel good about using a material that is renewable and has a low carbon footprint. Wood is organic, recyclable, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

    Cedar is Long-Lasting

    While its natural acids and oils help keep bugs and rot at bay, cedar has additional qualities that help it look great and hold up well. Western red cedar is resistant to stains, meaning that it can have an attractive appearance long-term. Also, this type of wood is resistant to warping, which helps ensure that your fence will look good and function well for years to come.

    If you’re looking for the right team to install a red cedar fence in Chicagoland, then look no further than Paramount Fence, Inc. To get your free estimate or learn about wooden fence repairs, please call us at (630) 406-8410.

  • Exploring Your Options for Commercial Fencing

    Whether you are looking to improve security or enhance your curb appeal, a commercial fence installation can be a great way of going about it. In order to choose the right fence for your workplace, you’ll need to take a look at your options. Read on and explore your options for commercial fencing.

    Just like residential fences, commercial fences can be both practical and aesthetic. Wood, steel, and chain link fences tend to be the most popular for commercial settings, as they tend to do a good job of balancing functionality and cosmetic appeal. Wooden and steel ornamental fences tend to be the best in terms of curbside appeal, but chain link fences are becoming more customizable. If you are looking for commercial fencing strictly to keep people or animals off the property, however, a chain link fence can be a great choice for your business.

    To learn more about your commercial fencing options , feel free to call Paramount Fence at (630) 406-8410. From red cedar fences to metal fence repairs near Chicagoland, we can help you find the right fence installation for your needs. Visit our website to learn more about what we can do for you.

  • Choosing the Right Type of Fence for Your Business

    Fences are a great addition to any type of business. They add heightened security as well as visual appeal. Every business is different, so we offer a variety of choices when it comes to styles and materials. These are some of the main types of commercial fences we offer:

    Chain Link

    Chain link fences are the perfect option for businesses that value security but don’t necessarily need a lot of privacy. This option keeps spaces looking open and inviting while still offering reliable protection. Chain link fences require little to no upkeep, so they are ideal for business owners seeking low-maintenance options. This option is perfect for industrial companies who prioritize functionality and lasting durability.


    Wood fences offer a classic and stylish look to any space. They give a business complete privacy and can be customized to tie in with any building. Wooden fences require some maintenance, but people who choose this option consider the privacy and curb appeal to be worth the effort. This option is best for smaller spaces and businesses who want complete privacy.

    Steel Ornamental

    Steel ornamental fences are elegant, ornate and long-lasting. They have timeless appeal that requires very little maintenance while adding a luxurious feeling to an outdoor space. Ornamental fences blend in well with natural elements and greenery, making them ideal for businesses with decorative landscaping. They keep spaces visually open and don’t block or distract from plant life and other things your company might want to show off. If your business wants a fence that is decorative and durable, steel ornamental is the way to go.

    With the many options available, it might be difficult to choose one! Many types of fencing materials can even be combined for custom work. To find out more about commercial fencing options in the Chicagoland area, contact Paramount Fence . You can visit us online or call us at (630) 225-7869 to learn more.

  • Why You Should Fence in Your Property

    Commercial Fencing Chicagoland There are many reasons to fence in your backyard. Most people don’t even think twice about it, but should you consider fencing in your entire property? Fence installation is an important factor to consider in keeping your home safe and private.

    Maintain Your Privacy and Boundaries
    At some point in history, mankind began to set boundaries around their land. This tradition continues today through fence installation. When you locate your property boundaries and install a fence—even an ornamental fence—you are helping to maintain a clear boundary of property so there won’t be future disputes in the neighborhood. Also, installing a fence helps discourage nosy neighbors and potential burglars. Someone with deceitful intentions will be more likely to pass over your fenced-in property for fear they’ll be caught.

    Make it Safe for Your Children and Pets
    When your children want to go outside and play, you might feel more secure if they were surrounded by a wooden or metal fence. There is less danger of your children wandering off, losing a toy, or being approached by a stranger with a fence keeping them safe.

    Keeping your pets safe is another reason to install fencing, especially high fencing. They are less likely to jump the fence or be attacked by an outside animal. Fencing also discourages outside predators and pests from entering your property.

    Create Beautiful Masterpieces
    Fence installation doesn’t need to be just a practical purchase, but it can also add to the beauty of your home. Installing ornamental fencing or creating a perfect space for your crawling plants will beautify your home, as well as potentially increase its value.

    We know you have a choice when it comes to the safety of your home and property. Call Paramount Fence , and put your trust in our hands. If you’re looking for a privacy fence near Chicagoland, or any other type of fencing, call us at (630) 406-8410.