Are rodents, insects and wildlife an issue on your property? If you’re reluctant to share your outdoor living space with these pests, you need a few techniques to keep them at bay. Here’s how the proper type of fencing can help keep your backyard pest-free.

Cedar Fencing Repels Pests

It’s common knowledge that cedar furniture can protect your wool sweaters from moths, but have you considered that this type of wood can also serve as natural pest control for your backyard? Western red cedar fencing emits aromatic phenols and acids that smell pleasant to humans but repel mosquitoes, fleas, ants, mites, moths and rodents.

To ensure you don’t seal in the beneficial phenols, avoid painting or staining cedar fences. Don’t worry – its natural ability to resist rot and decay helps cedar fencing last, even without chemical treatments.

A Privacy Fence Deters Wildlife

When it comes to keeping wild animals out of your yard, one effective method is to prevent them from seeing in. A standard six-foot privacy fence deters many types of critters from entering your yard.

For instance, deer rarely jump a fence when they can’t see what’s on the other side. A tall fence also reduces the chance of dogs, skunks, coyotes and other animals from wandering onto your property. If you install a privacy fence made of western red cedar, you can also enjoy the benefit of keeping insects and rodents at bay.

A Chain Link Fence Protects Your Garden

Are rabbits, chipmunks or squirrels wreaking havoc on your meticulously planted vegetable garden? If you want to watch your plants grow while still keeping rodents at bay, a chain link fence is a great choice.

Be aware that many animals can dig under traditional fences, so you may want to bury a footer made of galvanized wire mesh under your fence. The footer should extend at least eight inches below the surface to prevent determined critters from getting where they’re not wanted.

Vinyl Fencing is Unaffected by Pests

While vinyl is equally effective as other fence materials at keeping pests out of your yard, they offer an added benefit: vinyl fencing doesn’t provide food for termites. Since vinyl is a type of plastic, insects aren’t interested in eating it. As a result, even if you do have pests on your property, the fencing won’t show signs of deterioration.

Paramount Fence Inc can help you keep your backyard pest-free with the right type of fencing. We serve customers across the Chicago area with creative and affordable solutions that are designed to stand the test of time. After over ten years in business, and with more than 50 years of combined industry experience, our reputation for excellence precedes us. If you’re interested in our services, or you want more help selecting the right fence for your property, please call us at (630) 239-2714 or contact us online.

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