• Popular Fence Styles and Colors for 2018

    If it’s time to put up a new fence in your yard, you have plenty of options to choose from. With a variety of styles and colors available, you can have almost any combination you can dream of. While it’s nice to have choices, you might be wondering what styles and colors of fences are popular today.

    Popular Fence Styles for 2018

    • Privacy Fences – Just about any solid fence can be used for privacy. With just about everything being public today thanks to social media, it’s nice to be able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and privacy.
    • White Picket Fences – These traditional American classics are just as popular in 2018 as they were 50 years ago. These white picket fences are great for front yards and will probably never go out of style.
    • Rustic Fences – This retro style includes split-rail fences made from beams. These fences were traditionally used on farms but have become popular for residential homes as well.
    • Ornamental Aluminum Fences – These decorative fences are sturdy and fashionable. They can also be affordable and can attractively frame your home.

    Popular Fence Colors for 2018

    • Amsterdam Blue – There are plenty of shades of blue that look good on fences. Dark blue is always nice, but a shade called Amsterdam is becoming more popular. This is a deep shade of blue with a regal feel and can almost make you feel like you’re at the beach.
    • Eucalyptus – Grays are also popular colors for fences. Lots of homeowners are using the weathered gray look, and a shade like Eucalyptus can make it feel more modern. Dark gray is another popular choice.
    • Dark Yellow – This shade of Golden Ember is so dark that some people confuse it with a brown. This look combines a classic and traditional look with a more modern Avant-garde feel.
    • White – As mentioned above, the white picket fence never seems to go out of style.

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  • How to Make Your Yard More Private

    You’ve heard the phrase “in the privacy of your own home”, but you probably also want to enjoy that same privacy in your yard. This can be a bit more difficult to achieve when people can see in your yard. Enjoying some fresh air and the outdoors can be done it private, you just have to know how to get that privacy.

    The easiest way to enjoy privacy in your yard is to put up a fence. There are a variety of fences to choose from, and the one you have now may not be giving you as much privacy as you prefer. Those nosy neighbors might mean well but you don’t want them looking through your fence to see what you’re doing.

    In addition to privacy, fences provide safety and help keep your kids or pets in the yard while keeping strangers or other animals out. With a variety of fencing options, you can opt for private, semi-private, or more public options. One thing you should do is to check your local zoning regulations to find out if there are fence height restrictions and if you need proper permits.

    If you’re looking for even more privacy, consider using some combination of plant life and a fence. Hedges provide a good deal of privacy and something attractive to look at. You can set up a lattice inside your yard if you want a certain spot with extra privacy. Add some vines to your lattice panels for a nice private area. Vertical gardens and bamboo are other natural options to provide privacy and a serene setting in your yard.

    Wood fences can add privacy and beauty to your yard. Paramount Fence offers several varieties of wood fences including solid, shadowbox, picket, and traditional. Give us a call today at 630-239-2714 to learn more.

  • Home Storage Options

    One of the most common problems Americans have is finding somewhere to keep all of their “stuff”. No matter if your home is large or small, chances are you could benefit from additional storage or at least some good ideas of how to organize your belongings. Check out the following ideas for home storage options.

    • Rolling Storage – Many people don’t think about that wasted space such as underneath the bed. You can use rolling crates or plastic organizers to keep under your bed. Nobody else will even know they’re there but you can get a lot of the clutter out of the way.
    • Hanging Bins – Lots of the things in our home are tiny and can fit in smaller bins. You can use a coat rack and attach plastic bins made from household products like disinfectant wipe containers to store all those knick-knacks.
    • Shoe Racks – Get all those shoes off the floor by using a shoe rack. You can craft a DIY shoe rack using PVC pipes that are about six inches in diameter. Cut them down to a shoe length and use pipe glue to stack them up. This can give you more closet space.
    • Over the Stove Organizer – This is another way to take advantage of potentially wasted space. You can hang pots, pans, and cooking utensils over the stove and a shelf above it can store larger pots.
    • Kitchen Organizers – One of the rooms in your home that could benefit the most from creative storage options is likely your kitchen. Whether it’s spices, utensils, or dishes, there are a variety of products on the market that can help organize your kitchen.

    You might want to consider renting a self-storage unit or using a storage shed in your backyard. For all your fencing needs contact Paramount Fence at 630-239-2714.