• Tips for Preparing Your Property for Fence Installation

    A brand-new fence can bring new life to your property by changing up your aesthetics, and it can also bring you protection and security. If you’re getting ready for a fence installation , start by finding your property line. Then make sure you have the tools you need if your contractor isn’t installing it for you, and lay down the foundation. Here’s more on how to prepare for a new fence installation.

    Find Your Property Line

    Before you make any radical adjustments to your property, you should have a conversation with your neighbors so you can keep them in the loop. A new fence installation may affect your neighbors’ properties almost as much as it affects yours, and it’s polite to let them know what to expect. Once your neighbors know what’s going on, find out where your property line is. Work on the near side of the line to make sure you’re not encroaching on other people’s territory when you put your fence up.

    Gather Your Tools

    There are certain tools that will be necessary for the job. You’ll need a shovel to dig the holes for your fence posts, as well as a tape measuring tool to align the actual project with the design. You may also need screwdrivers, clamps, and paint. The specific tools you need will vary based on the materials you’re working with, so know what you need in advance.

    Set the Foundation

    Don’t start the fence installation process until you’ve created a solid outline of what you’re looking for. The foundation and outline will guide you throughout the installation process, so you won’t have to keep taking measurements while you’re setting up your new fence. The whole installation process will affect the fence’s durability.

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  • What Are the Benefits of Ornamental Aluminum Fencing?

    When you’re looking for a new fence for your front yard or your commercial property, start by choosing a material. Fencing material affects durability, aesthetic quality, and ease of maintenance, and many people find aluminum fences to be the right choice.

    Aluminum is an excellent choice for fencing material. It’s easy to use, it will last a long time, and it doesn’t require the same kind of upkeep as more delicate materials such as wood. Aluminum is even preferred over other metals in many cases, because unlike other metals, aluminum won’t collect rust. It’s a lightweight material, so it’s not as expensive as most of its alternatives, and yet it’s still durable enough to stand the test of time. An ornamental aluminum fence is especially favorable if you have a more traditional home or property design.

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  • What Is the Process of Making a Chain-Link Fence?

    Chain link fences are affordable and convenient, and they can add some aesthetic appeal to your yard as well. Watch this video to learn about the process of making a chain-link fence.

    The first step is to dig holes so you can plant the fence posts. Then assemble the gate hardware and attach tension bands and caps before putting the rail together. Once the framework is set, unroll the mesh and install a tension bar that will attach to the posts. Then use a fence puller to stretch the mesh, and install and attach a tension bar to the mesh. Tie the taught fence to the rails, and run tension wire through the upper loops to keep everything in place.

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  • How to Pick the Perfect Fence for Your Pup

    As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your furry friend safe and out of trouble. A fence installation can get the job done, but you have to choose the right type in order for it to work properly. It needs to be tall enough, made of specific materials, and installed properly. Keep reading to learn what to consider when you’re picking out a fence for your pup.


    A dog-proof fence will contain your pets so they stay in the yard. This keeps them safe and sound, and it prevents them from getting into scuffles with other animals or nipping at other people. Many dog species can grow to become rather large, so keep this in mind when you line up a dog proof fence installation for your puppy. Find out how large your dog is expected to grow so you can make sure the fence you have installed is tall enough. If the fence isn’t tall enough, your dog may jump right over it.


    You don’t want your dog to be able to hop over your fence, so it needs to stand at a certain height. You also want to make sure your dog can’t climb it, which is where the choice in fencing material comes into play. Your dog might be able to climb a chain link fence no matter how tall it is, which is extra-dangerous because your pup can fall from a tall height. Choose a material that’s harder to climb like wood or PVC to keep your canine safe.


    Some fences are known to be easy to install, while others are a little bit more difficult to work with. If you’re not having the professionals handle your fence installation, consider using materials that won’t give you too much trouble.

    A dog-proof fence near Chicagoland keeps your pets close to home so you can keep an eye on them. If you’re thinking about a new fence installation , call Paramount Fence at (630) 406-8410 or look through our website to get an idea of how we can help.