• How You Can Plant Blueberries Near a Fence

    Planting blueberries is nice because it adds to the aesthetic of your garden and also produces fruit. Blueberries also look great against the backdrop of a wooden fence. Watch this video on planting blueberries near a fence.

    Blueberries like acidic soil, which gives you 2 options when it comes to planting them: testing the acidity level of the soil or using a potting mixture that’s specifically designed for plants that prefer acidic soil. Make sure the fertilizer you use is also for plants that need the acidity, and keep your blueberries moist. Choose a sunny spot of the yard where your plants can enjoy at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day.

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  • The Benefits of Using Western Red Cedar Wood for Your Fence

    A beautiful wooden fence can work wonders for your curb appeal, but which species of wood is right for you? Western red cedar wood is naturally gorgeous, and many people consider it the best type of wood for fences. Read on to look at the benefits of using western red cedar wood.

    People choose wood fences because they can fit into all kinds of home design styles while still adding their own unique aesthetic. On the downside, wood is prone to rotting when it isn’t sealed. Western red cedar wood fences address this problem by being resistant to decay and rot, even when they’re not sealed. As these fences get older, they can become more attractive rather than less attractive. They tend to take on a silver or gray hue as they age, which continues to improve your curb appeal.

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  • Ways You Can Protect Your Wooden Fence from Weather Damage

    Wooden fences are beautiful and classic, but they are also highly vulnerable to extreme weather. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to protect your fence and ensure that it lasts for years to come. Use these strategies to keep your wooden fence looking great.

    Stain or Seal the Fence

    One of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your wooden fence and protect it from the elements is to use a stain or seal to protect the wood. Because one of the biggest risks for wooden fences is moisture, use a water-repellant sealant that will keep rain from seeping into the wood. Alternatively, if you stain your fence to change the color, choose an exterior stain with a water-repellant sealant incorporated into the mix.

    Generally, wooden fences should be resealed or re-stained about every two or three years, depending on the weather where you live. Power-wash your fence and allow it to dry completely before each staining session.

    Keep Plants Away from the Fence

    Although many people like to plant flowers or bushes along their fence lines, this practice can lead to damage for wooden fences. The plants feed moisture into the fence, which can cause the wood to rot. If you plant along the fence, be sure to keep the plants just far enough away that they aren’t actually touching the fence, and trim them regularly. Make sure to keep any grass near the fence mowed, and avoid using vines or other crawling plants around the fence.

    Get Repairs in a Timely Manner

    When you need wooden fence repairs, get them done in a timely manner to prevent further damage. Cracks, breaks, and peeling stain or paint can all leave your fence more vulnerable to moisture and the associated damage.

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  • Factors to Consider When Selecting Security Fencing

    If you’re looking for a privacy fence that can protect your home and family, you should consider a couple of factors when browsing through your options. Make sure you choose a fence that’s durable, protects your children and pets, and does a good job of keeping unwanted visitors out. Here’s a closer look at the factors to consider:


    A fence installation isn’t a project that you should have to undergo regularly. That’s one reason you should look for a durable material that will stand the test of time. Vinyl, aluminum, and chain link fences tend to do a good job of retaining their structural integrity over the years, and they typically don’t need much maintenance, either. The more durable your fencing materials, the longer you should be able to go without needing repairs.

    Children and Pets

    Security and privacy fences can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping unwanted people off of your property, but they should do just as good a job of keeping certain people on your property. No matter what kind of privacy fence you choose, make sure it’s tall enough that your kids and pets can’t jump over it. It’s easy enough to lock your fence up, but keeping children and animals from hopping over is a different story.

    Fencing Style

    If you want to be certain that no one can climb over your fence—in either direction—then chain link may not be your best bet. Instead, consider one made of wood or vinyl. These options tend to be more aesthetically pleasing as well, so you can enjoy some extra curb appeal along with your boost in security when you go with one of these materials.

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