• Should You Talk to Your Neighbors Before Putting Up a Fence?

    Are you thinking about taking advantage of fence installation services to improve your home’s privacy and security? If so, then there are several factors that you should consider before going ahead with the project, such as maintenance, durability, style, and function. However, it’s important not to overlook how your new fencing might affect your neighbors.

    In most cases, neighbors are glad to hear that a new fence will be installed because this can potentially increase their privacy, as well. However, most people like to be consulted first before the property next to them takes on a new project that can affect them in any way. To help avoid any animosity between you and your neighbors, speak with them about your plans and confirm where your property lines lie before going ahead with fence installation.

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  • Reasons to Choose Cedar for Your Commercial Fence

    Are you planning to begin fence installation on your commercial property ? If so, then you may be struggling to decide on the best material for your needs. Read on to learn why many property owners choose to install western red cedar for their commercial fencing.

    Cedar Looks Great

    Many people choose wood for their fencing when they want a material that will function well and fulfill their needs, but that also looks attractive and enhances their property. Western red cedar had a smooth texture and smells good, but it also looks beautiful and can complement many types of landscaping and property design.

    Cedar is Tough

    Many people love the aesthetic appeal of a wooden fence but have concerns about the durability of this type of material. If you want a wood fence that can stand the test of time, then cedar offers you an ideal option. Because it contains acids and oils that are unappealing to many bugs, western red cedar wood boasts a natural resistance to decay and rot. You can expect your red cedar fence to provide you with years of function and durability, in addition to natural beauty.

    Cedar is Environmentally-Friendly

    When you choose cedar for your commercial fence, you can feel good about using a material that is renewable and has a low carbon footprint. Wood is organic, recyclable, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

    Cedar is Long-Lasting

    While its natural acids and oils help keep bugs and rot at bay, cedar has additional qualities that help it look great and hold up well. Western red cedar is resistant to stains, meaning that it can have an attractive appearance long-term. Also, this type of wood is resistant to warping, which helps ensure that your fence will look good and function well for years to come.

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  • Inspiring Ideas for Your New Privacy Fence

    Installing a privacy fence is a great way to make your property more secure and increase the comfort that your family enjoys while outdoors. If you’re unsure about the material or design that you would like to use for your new privacy fence, then watch this video for some excellent design ideas.

    Many homeowners choose to install a red cedar fence to increase the privacy of their backyard, but PVC and vinyl fences are also popular choices. Also, some people decide to have the boards in the upper part of the fence lay horizontally to contrast the vertical ones below. Finally, using latticework for the topmost section is another way to add interest and beauty to the fencing.

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  • Common Questions About Ornamental Aluminum Fencing

    Adding a fence to your property can increase your home’s security and privacy. However, if you want to improve its curb appeal as well, then consider installing an ornamental aluminum fence . Continue reading to learn the answers to common questions about this popular type of fencing.

    Is aluminum fencing durable?

    One of the most common concerns that people have when considering an aluminum ornamental fence is whether it can hold up to time, weather, and wear. Although it isn’t as strong as steel, aluminum is a durable material that can function as intended for decades. This makes ornamental aluminum fencing a practical and versatile choice for many homeowners.

    What are some common uses for ornamental aluminum fencing?

    Many people choose to install this type of fence around their front yard to achieve better security and privacy with a material that blends in well with many types of landscaping and is aesthetically pleasing. Also, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to use an ornamental aluminum fence to create a backyard pool enclosure that helps protect children and pets from getting close to the water while unattended.

    Do ornamental aluminum fences provide privacy?

    As with any fence, one that is ornamental and made of aluminum can help keep unwanted visitors out of your yard and dissuade people from wandering into or cutting through your lawn. However, this type of fencing is not ideal if you’re looking to block the view from outside into your property.

    Do ornamental aluminum fences require upkeep?

    When it comes to fencing materials, you will have a hard time find many options that require as little maintenance as aluminum. Occasionally hosing off dust and debris, keeping surrounding plants and weeds under control, and watching for signs of damage is the extent of the upkeep that your ornamental aluminum fence should require.

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  • Growing Shrubs Against Your Chain Link Fence

    Your new fence installation can bring a new sense of cosmetic flair to your home, and you can add to it with your landscaping. Watch this video clip for a look at growing shrubs against your chain link fence.

    Growing shrubs against your chain link fence can be a great idea because chain link fences are functional but not necessarily the prettiest option for a fence installation. Shrubs can also add some privacy to your yard, and they can block out sound from your neighbors. Be sure to trim the forward growth so your shrubs continue to grow and cover your chain link fence.

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