• Evaluating Your Land Owner Fencing Rights

    Residential Fencing Chicagoland

    When building a new fence on your property, you should have a clear understanding of your land owner fencing rights. You should do your research beforehand to save you from any obstacles or challenges during the building process. Usually, there is no issue with a property owner building a fence that lies entirely on their property. However, the fence may be subject to local regulations and ordinances. Before building a fence, you should know what types of features are permitted, as well as any height restrictions or regulations. This article will help you know what your rights are before your fence installation.

    Plan for Approval
    When building a fence, once you have the plan outlined, you should seek any necessary approvals from city or county offices. It will vary by where you live and where the fence will be built, but any good fence contractor will know the regulations and what rules need to be followed. In most cases, there are few issues with a land owner building a fence on his or her own property—especially if it is a wooden fence, ornamental fence, or any other common fence.

    Fence Maintenance
    For many land owners, when a fence is built, it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain the fence. Be aware of what maintenance is entailed before building a fence so you know what to expect.

    Fence Disputes
    In most cases, problems arise with fences when they are built in between two adjoining pieces of property. To avoid disputes, be sure to know exactly where your property line is and do not build a fence that crosses it. If you have an agreement with a neighbor ahead of time, it is a good idea to have everything in writing, as evidence that the fence was agreed upon.

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  • Designing a Chic Backyard Oasis

    If you live in an urban area and have a backyard, you might not think that you have the option to create a comfortable outdoor living space. It’s possible to do it, though, with the help of a privacy fence. By installing a tall privacy fence near Chicagoland, you can enclose your backyard and turn it into a very chic space.

    Watch this video to see how to incorporate a privacy fence into your backyard design. Whether you decide to install a tall red cedar fence or something darker, there are ways that you can use your fence to both maintain your privacy and add a decorative feature to the backyard.

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  • What You Need to Know When Building a Fence

    Fence Installation Chicagoland

    Fence installation is a great way to increase property value, add security, and enhance privacy for your home. When it comes to fences, homeowners have a variety of choices—from style of fence to fencing materials. When building a new fence , there are certain factors you should keep in mind. This article will provide you with some further insight about all that you need to know about fences.

    Evaluating Your Fencing Needs
    To best determine what type of fence is right for your home, think about the primary reasons you want or need a fence. Ornamental fences can add value to a home, and increase the curb appeal of the property. This is important to consider if you are selling your home, or plan to in the future. Security fences can also increase the value of your home, as well as increase security. If you are building a fence for the purpose of keeping pets and children within your yard, you may want a dog proof fence.

    Choosing Materials
    If you’ve decided a wooden fence is the fence for you, you will still need to pick out the type of wood. Certain types of wood, such as red cedar, are durable and naturally resistant to deterioration. For a more budget friendly option, pine offers similar durability to red cedar at a more appealing price point. Other types of wood are available and vary based on price, durability, and resistance to the elements. Wood can be treated to last longer. Vinyl is an alternative that can be customized to look like any type of wood. Aluminum is a great choice for ornamental designs.

    Estimating Maintenance
    When building a fence, you should consider what potential fence repairs might arise and whether or not you will be equipped to handle any possible maintenance issues.

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  • How to Dig Fencepost Holes

    With do-it-yourself fence installation, it is important to make a plan that includes the dimensions of the fence and create an outline where the fence will be placed. Having an outline will come in handy when digging fencepost holes. Whether you are installing a wood fence or an ornamental fence, digging the fencepost holes will be the first step to fence installation.

    Watch this video for tips on creating the layout and digging the fencepost holes. Before you start digging, make sure everything is marked.

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