• Design Options for Your Wood Fence

    The beauty of wood fences in Chicagoland is that they are extremely versatile. Red cedar fences can take many different forms, all of which can add a homely aesthetic to your yard. Watch this video to preview a few design options for your wood fence.

    Shorter wooden fences with spaced pickets can mark off your property line in a tasteful way while retaining some visibility. If you are on the more private side, consider a tall, solid wood privacy fence. Traditional wood fences with lattice tops combine privacy and openness. When it comes to wooden fences, your design options are innumerable.

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  • Choosing a New Fence for Your Garden

    While your garden may look nice as it is, you may be able to improve its appeal by adding a fence installation in Naperville. Since fences come in many different sizes, styles, and colors, you should have no trouble finding the perfect fence to accent your garden. Here is an overview of choosing a new fence for your garden.


    With a new fence, you can transform your modest garden into a beautiful landscape. Picket fences are popular choices because they tend to enhance the view rather than obstruct it; they are not typically very tall, and they often consists of slats that have space between them. You may also consider thin rail fences that allow for vine and plant growth as well as give you the opportunity to show off hanging plants.


    Different types of material offer varying benefits and drawbacks in terms of aesthetics, maintenance, and durability. Wood fences can be stunning and long lasting at the expense of requiring regular maintenance and occasional repainting or refinishing. On the other hand, chain link fences do not require upkeep but may not be the most visually appealing addition to your garden. One material that serves as an excellent compromise of maintenance and beauty is PVC. PVC fences can visually enhance your garden while requiring little maintenance, and they are typically affordable as well.


    The right fence may not only show off your garden but protect it as well. Consider slat and picket spacing when you begin your fence installation. The closer together your slats or pickets, the more privacy and protection they will offer; however, this reduced visibility may prevent people from being able to see your garden.

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  • Prevent Prying Eyes with Privacy Fencing

    When it comes to fences, some are purely decorative, while others are both ornamental and functional. Privacy fences fall into the latter category. These fences are designed to completely obscure the view of the spaces they surround to keep prying eyes out and to protect what is on the inside. With a privacy fence, you can let your pets into your yard without fear of them running away, and your kids can play outside safely without you needing to worry about them wandering off. A privacy fence also lets you enjoy activities like backyard parties, outdoor meals, and basking in the sun without being spotted by your neighbors or passersby. Learn the basics about privacy fencing in this infographic from Paramount Fence . Our wood and PVC fences are ideal choices when you want to add privacy to your outdoor space. Help others find out more about this fencing option by sharing this information.

  • A Look at Pool Safety Fence Options

    In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, poolside fence installations in Naperville can also be practical. Dog proof fences can keep your pets—as well as your children—from accidentally ending up in the pool. Here is a brief look at pool safety fence options.

    In order for your pool safety fence to be effective, it must meet certain requirements. The fence must be tall enough that pets, children, and wild animals cannot easily scale the barrier and access the pool. You will also need a sturdy material such as a wooden or aluminum fence that cannot easily be broken down. If you choose to go with a picket fence or one that has separate vertical components, make sure that there is not enough space between pickets for children or animals to fit through.

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