• The Steps of Planning Your New Fence

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    Fences are an important piece of any property, and are used for many purposes. They can be purely functional, keeping objects inside or outside, or they can be entirely for decoration. However, a lot are created to meet multiple needs at once. Constructing a new fence can be a substantial undertaking, and it is important to keep various aspects in mind. If you are planning to build one for your home, consider these steps.

    Determining Reasons for Building It
    Before making any decisions, it is important to consider why you want to build a fence in the first place. For example, installing a beautiful picket fence in front of your house for adornment is a very different project than building one in your backyard solely to keep your pet from getting out. Once you have decided the purposes that your new fence will serve, then it is time to begin other steps in the process.

    Doing Research
    A lot of homeowners and neighborhood associations typically have rules and regulations for changing the appearance of your house. Before making any purchases, it is critical to find out what these are for your neighborhood. Key details to find out include what your fence can look like, how tall it can be, what materials you can use, where on your property you can build it, and if you need a permit.

    Choosing Materials
    The materials you choose for your new fence may depend on your reasoning for building it, your budget, and what your local neighborhood association allows you to use. If you want to add a decorative element to your home, the classic wooden picket fence is a great look. However, if you just want to build one to ensure your dog does not get out, a simple chain link fence will do. Vinyl fences are another popular option, due to their easy maintenance.

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  • Spotlight on Privacy Fences

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    Privacy fences are a common feature for homes across the country. If you are seeking an effective way to contain your outdoor space and enhance the security of your home, you may want to consider a privacy fence installation. When you are planning a new privacy fence, it is important to make sure that your fence meets the code limitations of your local area. Once you have determined the proper height and dimensions of your privacy fence, you will be ready to choose your fence material. Privacy fences can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, sheet metal, and vinyl. Your fence contractor can help you choose the best material for your property.

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  • Tips for Making Your Fence Dog Proof

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    If you are a dog owner, it is essential to take all of the steps needed to ensure that your beloved pooch cannot escape from your property. With a wood fence or aluminum fence installation, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your dog is unable to run away. When you are planning your new fence installation , you may want to speak with your contractor about how you can ensure that your fence is completely dog proof. Read on for some more great tips for dog proofing a fence.

    Measure Fence Height
    Fence height is an important factor to consider when you are creating a dog proof fence . To ensure that your dog cannot jump your fence, you can measure its jump height. Depending on the size and athletic abilities of your dog, you may need to construct a taller fence.

    Use Durable Materials
    Along with jumping the fence, dogs can also escape by chewing through the fence materials, themselves. When you are creating a dog proof fence, it is highly important to use durable materials that cannot be destroyed by your dog’s teeth. For this reason, you may want to consider a durable aluminum fence for your yard.

    Consider Landscaping and Design
    Even though your new fence may be designed to contain your dog, you can still consider landscaping and appearance during the design process. For example, if your property has a view, it is important to make sure that your new fence does not obstruct your ability to see the landscape.

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  • Landscaping Tips for Metal Fences

    When you install a new aluminum or chain link fence on your property, you may want to decorate your fence with landscaping. To enhance your metal fence with landscaping, you can plant a wide spreading shrub. By planting shrubs along your metal fence, you can enhance the privacy and beauty of your property line. For a closer look at some more landscaping tips for metal fences, check out this video.

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