• Choosing the Right Commercial Fence for Your Business

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    When it comes to choosing a commercial fence for your business, it is important to provide your company with security while being visually appealing. The perfect fence will address both of these needs. Keep reading for help in choosing the right commercial fence for your business.

    Vinyl fences are very durable and low maintenance, which is ideal for business owners. It is available in a multitude of styles, making it versatile enough to be integrated into many different environments. Chain link fences are also a popular option because they can effectively keep intruders off of the property while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. The security that chain link fences provide also does not come at the expense of obstructing customers’ view of the business. The right commercial fence for your business should draw customers in and ward potential intruders off.

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  • The Versatility of Vinyl Fencing

    Fences come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, but vinyl fencing seems to have mastered them all. This type of fencing is able to provide the advantages of many other types of fences while being easy to maintain. Keep reading to learn more about the versatility of vinyl fencing.

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    Ease of Maintenance
    One of the biggest advantages that vinyl fencing holds over its peers is that it is very easy to maintain . This makes it a popular choice for many situations. It will typically look the same in several years as it did the day you had it installed. Vinyl fences are protected from the sun due to the vinyl’s ultraviolet inhibitors; this means vinyl will not lose its color, so you will not have to spend any time repainting. Additionally the natural color of vinyl does not show dents, scratches, or other blemishes.

    If you are looking for a stylish fence that requires little to no maintenance, vinyl may be perfect for you. They come in many different styles including picket, split rail, and clay solid. They can provide varying degrees of privacy while sprucing up the perimeter of your yard or swimming pool. Vinyl is also available in several different colors and textures, so they can be seamlessly integrated into any design.

    While many different types of fence can provide security, some of them are susceptible to certain types of deterioration; this causes them to decline in effectiveness over time. However, vinyl fencing is not vulnerable to deterioration. While wood fences may rot and metal fences may rust, vinyl fences remain durable for years. It is more difficult for a potential intruder to break down a vinyl fence than a wooden fence. Additionally, vinyl is flexible and can withstand the elements.

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  • A Look at the Picket Fence Installation Process

    A picket fence can provide a pleasant aesthetic while marking your property’s boundary lines. Picket fences can be made of various materials, depending on the look you are trying to create and the amount of maintenance you are willing to provide. Watch this video for a look at the picket fence installation process.

    First you will need to dig a hole for each picket. Use a rope or wire to mark the desired height of each post. Insert your post into the hole and introduce a mixture of concrete and water. Be sure that your concrete mixture is brought up to at least the level of the surrounding soil.

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  • Determining the Property Lines for Your Home

    When you are thinking about doing some outside remodeling, like putting up a new fence , it is important to know where your property lines are. This can help you avoid any disputes with your neighbors and prevent you from overstepping your boundaries. Read on if you need help in determining the property lines for your home.

    Large Urban Houses

    Online Research
    In some cases, you may be able to locate your property lines simply by looking online. Look up the website for your local assessor and see if there are mapping tools available. Often times the maps will display the local area including property lines and landmarks. You can then determine where your boundary lines are by measuring distances from these landmarks as shown on the maps.

    Deeds and Property Survey
    Another way you can determine your property lines is by looking at the deed to your house. The deed describes your property lines and, like the online maps, acknowledges landmarks for reference points. Find each point on your property as described by your deed and mark it with a cone, stake, or other place marker. Once you have marked each point, measure the distances between each marker; this will help you to ensure that they accurately represent your property lines as outlined in the deed. You can use a similar method when looking at your property survey. Your survey will contain the distance between your home, the property line, and the street, so you can determine your property lines visually this way as well.

    Your county recorder or county assessor should have publicly available maps that detail the property lines in your area. Ask for a copy of any map showing your neighborhood and use it to visually determine your property lines when you return to your home.

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