• What are the Benefits of Fence Staining?

    Working in the garden

    Once your wood fence is installed, it’s important to protect it from the elements so it can stay strong and beautiful for many years to come. Staining can prevent many of the common problems associated with traditional wood fences, such as fading and splintering. Not only will staining protect your fence from the elements, but it will also keep your fence looking like new. And even if the elements do take a toll on your wood fence, a fresh coat of stain will rejuvenate your fence and make it look like it did the day it was first built.

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  • Steps to Take Before Getting a New Fence

    The main purpose for any fence is to designate the perimeter of your property. Beyond that, a fence can also make your yard feel like an extension of your home, as it provides a safe place for children and pets to play and for family and friends to gather for special occasions or events. There’s also the value of installing a custom wood or vinyl fence . Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, there are some important steps you will need to take before getting a new fence. These steps include: 

    New Fence

    Check with Your Home Owner’s Association
    Before you get your heart set on a new wood or vinyl fence, contact your home owner’s association to see if there are any rules or regulations concerning residential fencing. Some HOAs do not allow custom wood or vinyl fences in certain colors or above certain heights, so be sure to clear your plans with your HOA to be safe.

    Talk to Your Neighbors
    Once you clear it with your HOA, talk to your neighbors about your plans for a new fence . Even if only as a courtesy, talking with your neighbors about your new fence should prevent any disputes from arising during or after fence construction.

    Confirm Your Property Limits
    Confirming where your property ends can save you the time and cost of moving a fence that is installed beyond your property’s boundaries. Visit your local zoning office to find out where your property ends and get a copy of the property map to share with your fence company.

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  • How are Chain Link Fences Made?

    Chain link fences are an affordable and durable fencing option for closing in your backyard or securing your worksite. Chain link is also virtually maintenance free, which makes it incredibly easy and affordable to maintain in the long run. You see chain link fencing everywhere, but how is it made? To see the journey chain link fences take from raw materials to finished product, watch this short presentation from the National Film Board of Canada.

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