• Creating Privacy in Your Yard Using a Fence

    There are several reasons to install a fence in your yard. Perhaps you have a dog you wish to keep safe from outside threats and prevent from escaping, or maybe you have a pool in your yard and your neighborhood requires that there be a fence around it. You might even think that a fence will improve your home’s curb appeal or help block out that unsightly structure your neighbor has erected. But if your primary reason for creating a fence is so that you can better enjoy your privacy, keep the following factors in mind throughout the fence design and construction process .

    Arbor entrance

    Fence Height
    The ideal height for your privacy fence depends in large part on what it is you are seeking privacy from. If your main goal is to keep curious gazers at street level from looking into your home, a six-foot fence should do just fine. If you have next door neighbors with second-story windows that overlook your yard, you might have to build a bit higher.

    Fence Material
    Certain fence materials lend themselves to the provision of privacy better than others. Chain-link fences, for example, contain large diamond-shaped gaps that provide very little privacy. Aluminum, vinyl, and cedar wood may all serve as good privacy fence materials, so long as panels are fitted snugly together.

    Mother Nature’s Assistance
    A fence is a great means through which you can obtain privacy in your yard. By lining your fence with thick, fast-growing shrubs and planting shade trees in just the right places, you can cover up any privacy gaps that exist in or around your fence. Other landscaping features, such as pergolas and wood panels , may also be used to secure privacy in your yard.

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  • What Are the Advantages of Choosing Paramount Fence?

    Western Red Cedar Wood Fence - Solid Scalloped

    When building a fence in a large metropolis like Chicago, you have a lot of fence contractors to choose from. Knowing this, Paramount Fence seeks to set itself apart from the competition in every way.

    From the first time you call us, you will understand that customer satisfaction is our top priority. We stock several quality fencing materials, ranging from high-grade aluminum to the finest cedar wood. Additionally, we seek to accommodate special requests for custom-built fences whenever possible. We take pride in the work we do, a fact that is made evident by the appearance and integrity of every fence we build.

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  • Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy a New Fence

    The wind is blowing, it’s cold, and it might even be snowing out. Winter in the Chicago area is not the best time to be outside. It might be, however, be the best time to have a new fence installed . Here are a few reasons why this is the best time of the year to buy a new fence. 

    Building a Fence Series - Using Power Drill

    Few Yard Improvement Options
    As far as sprucing up your property’s exterior is concerned, there are few projects you can carry out in the middle of winter in Chicago. Since many fencing contractors do work year-round, you can take care of your fencing needs now so that you can better focus on other projects when spring and summer roll around.

    Low-Season Advantages
    Fencing companies tend to be less busy in the winter than they are throughout the rest of the year. One effect of this is that the entire fence-building process can be made more efficient for those who embark on it in the winter. Other potential benefits include ease of communication and low-season discounts.

    Spare Yourself Some Effort
    In order for their appearance and integrity to be preserved year after year, most fences require some maintenance in advance of the winter season. Build your fence during the winter and you can maximize the length of time for which you get to enjoy your fence before winterizing it for the first time.

    Enjoy Your Yard Come Spring
    Throughout the fence-building process, your yard will look like a light construction site. Opt to construct a new fence during the winter and you will be able to enjoy your new fence and an obstruction-free yard as soon as the weather starts warming up.

    Would you like to take advantage of the benefits of buying and installing a fence in the wintertime? If you live in the Chicago area and would like to work with an experienced and reliable fencing contractor, call Paramount Fence at (630) 406-8410. We custom install aluminum and wood fences in a variety of styles, and our installation professionals have no problem working in mildly inclement weather.

  • Tips for Choosing the Material of Your Interior Door

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    At Paramount Fence , we provide fencing solutions that are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial needs throughout the Chicagoland area. To get started on the fence design and installation process today, call us in Chicago at (630) 406-8410.