• Selecting Decorative Fencing for Your Home

    A beautiful landscape needs to have the right frame, so carefully choose your fence design to accentuate your property. In this video from About.com, you will learn about a few different types of decorative fencing and how to select the right style to match your landscape. The key is to pick a decorative fence that blends into the landscape. Baluster fences, for example, work well with traditional landscapes. Lattice style fences work well with modern landscapes and landscapes rich with tall trees and vines. Watch this video to learn more!

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  • Is it Time for a New Fence Around Your Property?

    The fence around your property says a lot about your home. After all, the fence is typically the first part of your home that people notice when driving by, so make sure that your fence is leaving a good impression and not scaring away guests or potential homebuyers. Although wood and vinyl fences are designed to last for decades, it is not uncommon to replace the fence around your property a few times over. If you notice any of the following signs, think about installing a new fence soon.

    Weathered Fence and Green Grass

    Rot and Rust
    Over time, your fence will begin to display the damaging effects that Mother Nature has on wood and metal. Wood fences offer a wonderful rustic appeal, but rustic can turn to rot in a short amount of time if the fence is not properly sealed or maintained. Likewise, metal fences can develop unsightly rust after prolonged exposure to rain, sleet, and snow. If your fence is an eye sore, consider replacing it soon.

    Excessive Warping
    Warped fences are not only unsightly, but they are also liabilities waiting to happen. As fences age, they are less resistant to heat and moisture, both of which can cause the posts and support structures to warp. When a fence becomes warped, it does not fit as snugly as it was intended to, and it is then only a matter of time before a strong wind storm causes your fence to fall apart.

    Neighbor Disputes
    If you install a fence , it is your responsibility to make sure that both sides are well-maintained and within the boundaries of your property line. A boundary fence that is dilapidated or crosses into your neighbor’s property can cause a lengthy (and expensive) dispute. To keep your neighbors happy, and to avoid the legal fees of a zoning hearing, install a new fence and make sure to follow zoning regulations.

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  • How a New Fence Can Add to Your Home’s Value

    New Home 123

    When most people think about the benefits of building a new fence, an increase in property value is typically not the first thing that comes to mind. Fences offer safety, security, and privacy, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that an increase in the value of your home is a fortunate byproduct of a well-built fence. A new fence also makes a great first impression on potential homebuyers, as it is typically one of the first features they notice about your home upon arriving.

    There are numerous reasons why fencing has an effect on your property value, but you won’t be able to enjoy any of them unless you replace your old fence with a beautiful new fence. If you live in the Chicagoland area, contact Paramount Fence to learn about our terrific selection of quality fencing materials, including wood, aluminum, vinyl, wrought iron, and more. Contact us online or call (630) 406-8410 to speak with one of our fence experts.  

  • Ideas for Personalizing Your Pool Fence

    Pool fences serve a very important role: they keep young and inexperienced swimmers out of the water. But just because your pool fence is practical doesn’t mean that it can’t also be beautiful. Whether you are just starting to design your pool fence or your swimming pool is already enclosed by a metal or vinyl fence , here are a few ideas that will help you personalize your pool fence.


    Add Decorations
    If you want to make your pool fence stand out from the rest, incorporate decorations and details that are unique to you and your family. For instance, if your family is very fond of the ocean, hang starfish, sea shells, and nets along your fence to give your pool area a coastal vibe. Use your imagination to create a summer oasis that speaks to your interests and passions.

    Install Lights
    There are a lot of different ways to add lighting to your pool fence. You can go for a more casual and laid-back look by draping white Christmas lights along the perimeter of the fence, or you can make your pool sophisticated and modern by installing light bulbs directly into the fence. This will be easier to do if your pool fence is made of a hallow metal such as aluminum or steel.

    Make it Functional
    When personalizing your pool fence, think of ways that you can improve the functionality of the fence itself. For example, you can install hooks to hold your pool skimmer above the ground. You can also run a hose up the side of your fence and attach a low-flow shower head to the nozzle to create an affordable outdoor pool shower.

    No matter what type of material you are interested in, if you are looking for a pool fence in Chicago, contact Paramount Fence . We offer wood fences, aluminum fences, vinyl fences, and more for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Check out our fencing products online, or call (630) 406-8410 for a free estimate.

  • Keeping Your Pool Safe with Proper Fencing

    Lush backyard pool and patio behind colonial style home.

    Children love to swim, even if they don’t know how. This means that parents need to be extra diligent about keeping their little ones away from the water unless a responsible adult is watching them. A fence is a great way to keep your children out of the pool, but there are ways that you can make your pool fence even safer.

    In this video, you will learn how to inspect and maintain your pool fence. Walk around your pool fence and look at it through the eyes of a small child eager to get in. Look for any climbing opportunities around the fence, such as a planter or a piece of patio furniture. Also make sure that the gate is self-closing and self-latching.

    If your pool is not enclosed by a sturdy fence, contact Paramount Fence today. We offer a range of quality fencing products, ranging from aluminum and wrought iron to vinyl and cedar. Visit our website to browse our available fences, or call us at (630) 406-8410 with any questions.