• What You Need to Know Before Building a Fence

    Having a fence on your property can be a great way to bring some privacy to your yard; keep your pets from escaping; and make your home feel more secure. If you want your fence to serve its intended purpose and avoid running into any trouble during the fence installation process , however, there are a handful of factors you should take into account before settling on materials and raising up a fence.

    Man drilling screw into cedar fence board

    Your Wishes
    The fence you construct on your property is yours, and it should not only meet your functional needs but reflect your design preferences as well. Conduct some research to find out whether wood, aluminum, vinyl, or wrought iron is best equipped to serve your fencing purposes, and then choose colors and materials that please you.

    Zoning Codes
    From height and location on property to color and material, several aspects of fence construction are regulated by municipal building codes and neighborhood zoning laws. Before you start work on your fence, check the zoning codes that govern your area so that you will not invest time, money, and energy into building a fence only to be told by the authorities that it must be taken down.

    Your Neighbors
    To avoid creating any bad blood between you and your neighbors, check with them to ensure that your fence building plans will not obstruct their views or impinge on their quality of life.

    Area Climate
    Some fencing materials are better suited to warm climates than others. Additionally, special precautions must be taken when building a fence in a cold climate . Since Chicago is known for long, hard winters and hot, humid winters, weather conditions should be taken into account when choosing materials for your fence.

    Professional Services
    Building a fence can be done without the help of a professional, but it often proves more difficult and time-consuming than the ambitious DIYer anticipates. Spare yourself some hassle and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your fence has been properly installed by hiring a reputable fence builder to do your work for you.

    At Paramount Fence in Batavia, we know that Chicago homeowners have several companies to choose from when looking to have a fence professionally installed. To set ourselves apart from the competition, we work closely with our clients from the initial brainstorming phase until the last link or board has been laid. To arrange a free in-home estimate, call (630) 406-8410.

  • Interesting Facts about Cedar Wood

    There are few fencing materials as aesthetically pleasing and functional as cedar wood. Cedar has many different uses in addition to fencing, such as cabinets and furniture. Because cedar is naturally repellent to moths, it is frequently used when constructing closets. Cedars are a coniferous tree that can reach heights in excess of 130 feet. The pleasant scent that cedar emits makes it even more desirable as a construction material. There are a number of varieties of cedar that are native to regions as distant as the Himalayas to western North America. Its durability and functionality make it the ideal fencing material.

    Western Red Cedar Wood Fence - Shadowbox Arched Double Gate

    At Paramount Fence , we source the best quality cedar wood for building and installing wood fences around homes and businesses. Call us at (630) 406-8410 to speak with one of our friendly staff members, or visit us online to schedule a free estimate for your new cedar wood fence.

  • What Sets Cedar Apart from Your Other Fence Options?

    When you are deciding what material to use for your new fence , consider all of the advantages that cedar has to offer. Depending on the function of the fence, you might choose aluminum or vinyl fences, though cedar fencing is one of the most popular choices for a reason. Cedar fences are both functional and attractive, providing a boundary around your home or business that blends in with its surroundings. Keep reading to learn what sets cedar apart from other fencing material options.

    Man drilling screw into cedar fence board

    A fence is one of the first things people will see when they look at your home, so it is important for that fence to be in good shape. Like all woods, cedar absorbs and gives off moisture depending on humidity and rainfall, but unlike other materials, is more resistant to warping and twisting. This means that a cedar fence will be able to withstand the elements better than some other fencing materials, and you won’t have to worry about your fence warping every time it rains.

    Cedar has long been used for a variety of different purposes, including as a building material. When you have a cedar fence installed around your home, you can be sure that you’ve made a wise investment as cedar is one of the most durable fencing materials. A properly finished cedar fence can last you many years, especially when you perform occasional maintenance to keep it in good shape.

    Now that you know more about the functional advantages of cedar fencing, it is important not to overlook the fact that cedar fencing is one of the most attractive fencing options available. Cedar is smooth and takes finish well, so you can customize the look of your fence. Some cedar planks have a knotty appearance, while others have a straighter grain. No two cedar fences are exactly alike, so your home will look even more unique.

    For high-quality cedar fencing in the Batavia area, contact Paramount Fence at (630) 406-8410. We install cedar fences for homes and businesses with professionalism and courtesy, and we are a proud member of the American Fence Association.

  • Examining the Beauty of Cedar Wood

    Fences are both functional and beautiful additions to the perimeter of your home. Cedar fencing is one of the most attractive fencing options. Learn a little more about cedar wood and its properties by watching this brief video.

    Cedar is a member of the redwood family, and has many uses in building and construction. One of the major benefits of cedar wood is that it deteriorates very slowly, meaning that your cedar fence can last many years when it is taken care of properly. If you are ever working with cedar, make sure to wear a dust mask so you do not inhale any of the sawdust.

    When you are looking for a way to improve your home’s curb appeal, call Paramount Fence at (630) 406-8410. We have over 20 years of experience serving all the fencing needs of our customers, so don’t hesitate to contact us today about the new wood fence you’ve always wanted.

  • A Guide to Caring for Your Cedar Wood Fence

    Cedar fencing is one of the best ways you can improve the look of your home, and increase your resale value should you ever choose to sell. Cedar is a durable and stable wood that is naturally resistant to warping and twisting. In order to keep your fence looking great for years to come, a small amount of routine maintenance is required. Keep reading for tips on how to take good care of your cedar wood fence.

    Western Red Cedar Wood Fence - Traditional Spaced Picket

    All types of wood are susceptible to moisture, expanding and contracting as the moisture level in the air changes. Though cedar stands up to the elements better than other species of wood, sealing your cedar fence will extend its life a great deal. Use a waterproofing sealer to give your cedar fence additional protection against the weather. Apply a thin coat and let it dry, and then apply a second coat. Most cedar fences should be sealed every three to five years for best results. If you are unsure of what sealer to use, talk to your fencing professionals to see if they have any recommendations.

    Fences provide a barrier around your home or business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As they are constantly exposed to the elements and everything else that comes their way, they will need to be cleaned at least once a year. If you notice that your fence has changed from a reddish color to gray, use a power washer to thoroughly clean the fence. Moving quickly over the surface will help restore your cedar fence’s beautiful color. For a deeper cleaning, fill a bucket with a diluted bleach solution. Use a garden sprayer to saturate the fence and let it seep in for about 10 minutes. Scrub the fence down to remove and mold or mildew, and rinse thoroughly with clean water when you are done.

    At Paramount Fence , we are committed to providing all of our customers with the highest quality cedar fencing available. Give us a call at (630) 406-8410 to schedule your free estimate. You can also visit our website to learn more about our beautiful cedar wood fences.