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  • It’s Never Too Cold For A Fence Installation!

    What things come to mind when you hear winter is approaching?  Snow, ice, blizzards, shoveling, hot cocoa, holiday cheer, bargain shopping, fence installation??  You’re thinking, “ Fence installation , in the winter?”  That’s right; Paramount Fence, Inc. installs fences all year round! 


    Now, you may be asking yourself, “But, how can you install a fence in the winter with snow on the frozen ground?”  One of the great things about snow is that it acts as an insulator for the ground.  So, it is actually better for our crews when installing to have snow on the ground.  Here in the Chicagoland area, the ground does freeze in the winter.  What does this mean for fence installation?  The fence holes are dug at least 36” deep, well below the frost line, so the frozen ground is not an issue for winter fence installation.

    At Paramount Fence Inc., we guarantee our workmanship for 5 years.  If you have an issue with a post heaving, we will come out to inspect the issue and re-set the post at no cost to you.

    Paramount Fence Inc. is now offering our Thanksgiving Special, call the office today to set up your FREE in home estimate!!  Don’t delay, get your fence today!!

  • Get More Useful Fence Facts By Visiting These Links!

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    Fences are a great solution when you’re looking for ways to make your property more attractive and safe at the same time. Check out the links below to learn more about different kinds of fencing. Call Paramount Fence at (630) 406-8410 to find out which kind of fence is right for your home or business. With more than twenty years of experience in the fencing business, you can be sure that we will deliver quality products and service.

    • Vinyl fencing is a viable alternative to traditional wood or chain link fencing. Read more about vinyl fencing in this article from the American Fence Association.
    • Learn more about the culture and history of fences in this fascinating post from NYU.edu
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  • Choosing Between Vinyl and Wood Fencing

    A brand new fence around your home can add value, security, and privacy to your property. There are many options available to you when it comes to materials for your fence. Depending on your needs, you may find that either vinyl or wooden fencing is right for you. Before you make a decision, it is important to consider the pros and cons of both vinyl and wood fencing .

    Wooden fence

    Vinyl Fencing
    PVC (or vinyl fencing) is an attractive alternative to traditional wood fencing.  Vinyl fencing can have certain benefits over wood fencing, such as durability and resistance to cracking. It is also much easier to maintain vinyl fencing, as you do not need to worry about painting or staining it. PVC fencing comes in a variety of colors that will look great with the exterior of your home. However, vinyl is not biodegradable and therefore is less environmentally friendly than wood should you ever choose to take your fence down. Additionally, it can sometimes be more difficult to get vinyl fencing in custom shapes and sizes.

    Wood Fencing
    A wooden fence is a timeless feature that can add beauty and practicality to your property. Wood fencing is known for its rustic good looks and will blend in to natural surroundings better than vinyl fencing will. It is also easier to cut wooden fence planks so that they fit your boundaries perfectly. Whether you choose to paint, stain, or leave your wood fence naked to show off its natural beauty, you will need to perform routine maintenance in order to keep it looking good. Since wood is a natural material, it can be prone to cracking and mildew over time if it is not taken care of properly.

    There are benefits to both vinyl and wood fencing, but whichever you choose, trust Paramount Fence to make sure you get the highest quality product and a professional installation. Call us at (630) 406-8410 to learn more about all of our fencing products and services.

  • About the American Fence Association

    When you are ready to have a new fence installed around your home or business, it is important to find a fencing company that has the knowledge and experience to do the job right. Watch this short video to learn more about the American Fence Association and how it has grown since its beginnings.

    The American Fence Association has been in existence for fifty years, starting from humble roots in Southern California. They held their first trade show in 1962 in Anaheim, and subsequently held annual trade shows as the years progressed. Membership grew steadily and the Association has demonstrated their commitment to education and certification for members of the fencing industry.

    Paramount Fence is a proud member of the American Fence Association, providing quality fencing products and installation to all of our Chicagoland clients. For more information about what we can do for you, call us at (630) 406-8410.

  • Examining the Culture of Fences and Their Uses Throughout History

    Since ancient times, fences have been a way to designate property lines, farms, and other boundaries that needed delineation. Today, fences are still in use for similar reasons. You may want to have a fence installed to divide your property from your neighbor’s, or just to add aesthetic beauty and privacy to your home. Here is a brief look at the history of fences and what they say about different cultures.

    Rural landscape Serbia

    A History of Fences
    Since one of the main functions of a fence is to divide properties, cultures that did not practice private ownership often had no use for fences. Nomadic cultures roamed wherever they pleased and did not need to erect fences to signify ownership among their tribes. Many Native American cultures had no fences; if they did, the fences were for purposes of defense and not to demarcate divisions between families and people. Before modern civilization, there was little need for fencing as cultures were based more on a group survival dynamic rather than private ownership. As time went on, however, fences became necessary to not only keep intruders out, but also to keep animals and people in. The idea of property ownership was a major element in the evolution of fences.

    The Evolving Use of Fences
    The modernization and pioneering spirit that occurred as history went on played a big role in the practical use of fences. As Europeans explored America, they often claimed anything that did not obviously belong to someone else as their own—including land. In order to protect their “new” land from others who might have a similar idea, people began erecting fences as a clear indicator of property lines. Fences were an easy visual to understand, and became much more commonplace as time went on. Settlers used fences to protect themselves and their land as well as their livestock. Now, in modern times, we can trace our uses for a fence back to their origins.

    When you need a quality fence installed at your home or business, contact Paramount Fence at (630) 406-8410. We know the importance of a good fence and we have our own history of providing quality workmanship in the greater Chicago area. Call today to learn more about our fencing products and materials, including wood, vinyl, and aluminum.