• Read Ahead To Gain Greater Understanding Of What Paramount Fence Can Do For You And Your Home

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    Paramount Fence offers the products and design options that put customers in the driver’s seat. Learn about making decisions in terms of fence type and material by checking out the links below.

    • Which is the best fence for your home? Compare fence types and materials by reading this article from CBS News.
    • Privacy fences are popular for homeowners who would otherwise feel too exposed in their backyard. Check out ThisOldHouse.com for the scoop on privacy fencing. 
    • If you have a home or business that needs a new fence or gate, make sure you know how to discuss property lines with your neighbor. This link to HouseLogic.com will help you out.
    • Wooden fences are the most popular and classic choice for a fence, but they do need to be maintained over the years. Check out this article on how to keep wood fences from rotting.
    • Are you planning out the landscape design for your new home? Where you put fences will have a big impact. Consider this advice from HGTV.com.

    Contact Paramount Fence for expert installations and superior service. We’re happy to help our customers choose the perfect wood, aluminum, and vinyl fences for their homes, and we serve 8 counties in the state of Illinois. Call us for more information at (630) 406-8410.

  • Is a Privacy Fence Right for Your Home?

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    Congratulations! You’ve decided to get a new fence. Now you have to decide on the type of fence right for your home. If you want a fence that shelters your yard from the outside, a privacy fence may be perfect for you.

    You Have Close Neighbors
    As the name suggests, this is a fence that promotes privacy . A privacy fence is a good choice for you if you have lots of neighbors nearby. A privacy fence has no spaces between boards and no opportunities for neighbors or passersby to peek into your yard. Privacy fences also reduce outside noises.
    You Have Small Children
    Kids love to play in the yard. It’s a place where they can get dirty and stay close to the house. Some parents prefer privacy fences to protect their kids from the strangers.
    You Have Valuable Objects in Your Yard
    Maybe you have a prized BBQ, recreational vehicle, or expensive bike in your yard that you don’t want to advertise to the wrong person, especially when you are at work, eating dinner, or running errands around town. Privacy fences do a great job of keeping the expensive things in your backyard out of public view.

    You Have No View
    A privacy fence is also great for people who have nothing to see on the other side of their fence anyway. This often happens in neighborhoods where buildings are built close to one another. If you’d rather create your own outdoor space and not stare at the brick wall next door every time you relax in your backyard, a privacy fence is a good paramountfence.comchoice.

    Paramount Fence installs wood and vinyl privacy fences in a variety of designs. Give us a call today if you’re interested in a new cedar, vinyl, or aluminum fence in the Chicago area. Our number is (630) 406-8410.

  • Bob Vila Gives His Two Cents On Getting a Wooden Fence

    When it comes to choosing a fence material for your new fence, it never hurts to have an expert’s perspective. Home improvement expert Bob Vila recently gave his general thoughts on wooden fences in a YouTube video.

    According to Vila, wood fences are great for adding privacy and character to a home. He also says they often add to a home’s value. Bob’s one word of advice for wooden fence owners, however, is that they require occasional maintenance. Watch this video to hear this quick message on wood fences from Bob himself.

    We’re dedicated to installing the perfect fence for your home and your budget at Paramount Fence in Chicago. Ask about our picket and privacy cedar fences, and remember we also install aluminum and vinyl fences. Give us a call at (630) 406-8410 for more information.

  • Don’t Ride the Fence When It Comes to Fencing: Call the Pros Today!

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    Investing in a new fence is an important decision, and homeowners should look into all their options before deciding. But if you’ve been mulling over the decision for several months or years now, ask yourself why you remain “on the fence” about installing a new fence.

    Cost is a major apprehension for homeowners when it comes to new fences, and rightfully so. But fencing is more affordable when you work with the right fence installation company, one that offers money-saving specials and flexible payment options. If expense is the main reason you’ve been putting off a new fence installation, it couldn’t hurt to get a free estimate, a service most fence companies offer, in order to get a better idea of what different fence types and materials will cost. You might be surprised to find several quotes fall within your budget, especially if your fence pro offers financing options.  

    Financing allows you to pay for your fence in installments. There are many financing options out there, so go with a fence pro that offers better financing programs than the other guys. Obviously, a financing program with no interest is a major plus.

    The perceived time it takes to install a fence is another reason some hesitate on a new fence. While the time it takes to install a fence always depends on the size of the perimeter, the materials used, and other factors, a professional fence installation company always gets the job done faster than an amateur or unlicensed crew.

    At Paramount Fence Inc., we understand how important your investment in a new fence is to you. That’s why we continue to improve upon the buying experience for our customers and offer no-interest financing programs, free estimates, and other affordable solutions. Give us a call today at (630) 406-8410 and find out why we’re Chicagoland’s premier company for residential wood, aluminum, and vinyl fencing.