• For More Information on Buying and Maintaining a Fence That Lasts For Years, Take a Look at These Resources

    Owning a fence isn’t just about installing one—it’s about maintaining it, too! If you’re interested in finding out more about fencing options and upkeep, check out these sources from around the Web: 

    Cedar Fence

    • Find out just how great cedar heartwood is at repelling insects and fungus in this article by the US Department of Agriculture.
    • Learn about the sustainability of PVC , a component of vinyl fencing, at PVC.org.
    • HGTV.com offers some great tips on how to maintain your wood fence in this article on their website.
    • Find out under what conditions wood will rot in this article by the Forest Products Management Development Institute at the University of Minnesota.
    • Find out more about going green with environmentally-friendly cedar wood for your fence by checking out this information provided by the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association.

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  • Understanding How Different Fencing Holds Up Over the Years

    Your fence faces the elements every day. In fact, those elements are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to keeping your fence looking like new. The composition and manufacturing of your fence will determine the type of weathering it will—or won’t—show. Some fences require regular upkeep to look their best, while others call for little to no maintenance. Below, we examine the various types of fencing available and the factors involved in keeping each of them looking like new: 

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    • Treated Wood Fencing : Wood fencing is susceptible to weather and insects. Without regular maintenance, wood can warp or splinter over time as it sits in the sun or rain. Applying a stain or waterproof sealant can maintain the high-quality look of your fence for years. Additionally, the bottom of the fence should be placed just above the ground to keep soil and water from piling against and rotting the wood. Some woods, such as western red cedar, contain natural oils and acids that make it naturally insect-repellant as well as less likely to rot or decay with little to no chemical treatment at all.
    • UV-Protected Aluminum Fencing : Aluminum fencing is resistant to fading, scratching, rust, and corrosion with the right initial manufacturer’s application of UV-protective powder coating. The lighter the coating, the more vulnerable the fence is to sun damage. Additionally, aluminum comes in different grades; the lighter the grade, the higher the chance for bending or other damage.
    • Modified PVC or Vinyl Fencing : PVC or vinyl fencing won’t tarnish, stain, splinter, or warp. PVC’s two biggest enemies are sun and cold, but their effects can be mitigated with the right manufacturing processes. Choose PVC made with titanium dioxide and treated with impact modifiers to render it sun- and cold-resistant. Additionally, the thickness of the vinyl will affect the strength of the fence—thicker vinyl is virtually indestructible, while thinner vinyl is more easily torn, cut, or dented.

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  • Privacy Fences: Tips for Installation

    A privacy fence is a great asset to any property, especially those with neighbors close by. There are many factors to consider, however, before deciding on the right privacy fence for your property.

    This informative video lists a number of these factors. For instance, a tall fence will offer you privacy, but if you still want to be able to talk with your neighbors when outside, you may be better off with a shorter fence. You also want to ensure quality installation, and you may want to hire a surveyor before installing the fence if there are any boundary line issues. To learn more, watch the full video clip. 

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  • The Rot- and Insect-Resistant Properties of Cedar Fencing

    A wood fence is a handsome and cost-effective addition to any home. However, most woods require regular yearly maintenance to keep them looking bright and beautiful. For example, pine and fir are susceptible to weathering by the elements as well as insect infestations, so steps must be taken to maintain their look. When choosing a type of wooden fence, Paramount Fence opts for cedar fencing for its unique hardiness and properties. Read on to discover just what makes western red cedar so ideal for beautiful, long-term fencing:

    Barn Wall Background


    Wood is often subject to insect infestations, and therefore, must be maintained regularly to ensure it remains structurally sound. Cedar, however, produces natural aromatic oils called thujaplicins that act as natural insect repellent. These oils keep the wood insect-free without the need for chemical treatments or yearly maintenance, which can save both money and time when it comes to keeping your yard looking great.


    Another consideration when using wood fencing is rot. Dry rot is caused by a species of fungi that causes wood decay as it digests the wood fibers. The thujaplicins that give cedar its insect-repellant properties also act as powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents. These compounds not only resist moisture, but are toxic to fungi and make cedar resistant to dry rot and warping without the need for the chemical treatments that other woods require. Of the two most commonly-used types of cedar, western red cedar is considered the tougher and more rot-resistant of the two. However, both western red and eastern white cedar produce thujaplicins and are excellent choices for any fencing project.

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