• Privacy, Vinyl & Wood Fencing: Resources for the Researching Homeowner

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    If you enjoyed our recent blog topics on the benefits of privacy fencing and vinyl fencing, then explore the following articles about choosing the perfect fence.

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  • A Few Tips for Staining Your Wood Fence

    Professional fence staining ensures that your wood fence comes away with an even, quality stain that will last. If you’re the DIY homeowner though, this helpful video offers up some of the best methods to consider if you are looking to stain your own wood fence.

    1. Purchase a brush and a roller. A brush is used to stain the smaller, harder to reach portions of the fence, while a roller is used to stain larger, easily reachable areas.
    2. Stain your fence two to three weeks after it’s installed. This gives the wood time to dry and completely absorb any treatments it received prior to installation. If you stain your wood fence too soon, then you might end up with an unevenly stained fence.
    3. If you are staining a large fence, then consider purchasing a stain sprayer, which can span a larger space and will take up less time than a traditional roller or brush.

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  • How to Be a Good Neighbor With Privacy Fencing

    Your home should be an escape from the bustling outside world, and a fence can help you develop personal space separate from your neighbor’s. You and your neighbor can both enjoy private yards and increased security. Building a privacy fence will make you a good neighbor for multiple reasons:

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    • Privacy fencing beautifies your yard.

    A privacy fence adds character to both your yard and your neighbor’s. The fence enhances your yard’s look and style , complementing your home and any outdoor furniture or décor that adds extra character. The fence also adds value and curb appeal to your home. If you are planning to sell your property in the future, then a beautiful fence may be a necessary addition to your home.

    • Fencing keeps children and animals safe.

    With a fence, you don’t have to worry about your neighbor’s dog tearing up your garden or your pet running away. You and your neighbor will appreciate the safety a privacy fence can provide. If you have children, then they are protected from your neighbor’s animals or wild animals that may wander inside your yard. An enclosed yard also prevents your pets and children from running into a busy street.

    • Privacy fencing offers security.

    If your yard is open for everyone to see, then you might feel less secure . The added security of a fence means that you can enjoy sunbathing in the yard, barbequing with family, and playing by the pool without the awkwardness of your neighbors looking in. Fencing also discourages burglaries or break-ins. Your yard is your space, and you deserve your privacy.

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  • The Inherent Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

    When choosing a type of fence for your home, there are many different materials to consider, including wood, aluminum, and, of course, vinyl.  While any of those options make for a fine choice, vinyl fencing has a few distinct advantages over wood, especially if you’re looking to cut down on required maintenance. 


    Here are a few of the advantages of vinyl fencing:


    1. Strength and Flexibility- Vinyl fencing has a much higher tensile strength than a wood fence.  That means it is much harder to break or destroy, ensuring dangerous elements, such as aggressive dogs, will not be able to break through. Vinyl is also a very flexible material , making it resistant to heavy winds and storms.


    2. Little Maintenance- Vinyl fences have no need to be stripped, stained, or sealed yearly to ensure the integrity of the fence.  They are resistant to water damage, rot, and rust, which means your vinyl fence will last for years without any extra care.  You can even use a power washer on the fence for quick and easy clean up without the added worry of chipping paint.


    3. Environmentally Friendly- Unlike wood or metal fences, vinyl fencing is generally made of recycled material and does not contribute to the rapid consumption of natural resources. It is a non-toxic material, so any rain or wear will not pollute the surrounding soil.


    4. Inexpensive- The most important advantage of vinyl fencing is that it is extremely cost effective.  You can get a beautiful fence that looks as good as any painted fence for a fraction of the cost.  Not only that, the maintenance costs are so low on vinyl fencing that the price you pay up-front for installation is likely your last significant expense.


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