Keeping Fido Safe with a Dog Proof Fence

One of the main reasons for fence installations is to protect your animals from the outside world. However, some dogs may not care for protection, and they try to get out. With these helpful tips, you can dog-proof your fence in no time.

Guard with Landscaping

A great way to dog-proof your fence and keep your property private is to plant landscaping around the fence. On the inside of the fence, plant large, dense shrubs that will make it harder for your dog to jump over the fence. This distance will also discourage your dog from going into patrol mode every time he hears a noise or sees someone pass by the fence. Make sure the shrubs are not climbable—some tiny or medium-sized dogs may be light enough to crawl up—and routinely check under the shrubs. Some crafty dogs may resort to burrowing under the plants to get to the chain link fence.

Make Your Fence Taller

Depending on what type of fence installation you get, you will probably have an option to customize how tall the fence is. If you have a large dog who can jump great heights, then he will be better protected by a tall fence. If you are not able to install new, taller fencing, then consider installing add-ons specifically designed to stop animals from jumping a fence. You might prefer a roller, which is basically a bar that spins at the top of a fence. If your dog, or a dog from outside, tries to jump the fence, they will not be able to grip the spinning roller.

Protect from Beneath the Fence

In case you do not have a jumper, but a digger, then look for footer material. Commonly known as L-Footers or concrete footers, these metal fence or concrete blocks can prevent dogs from digging underneath the fence.

If you want a dog-proof fence near Chicagoland, then you know to call Paramount Fence at (630) 406-8410. We can install a dog-proof fence, perform fence repairs, or provide additional fencing installations at your convenience.

How to Design a Chain Link Fence

chain link fence chicagoland

You might be surprised to learn that chain link fences can also double as ornamental fences, just with a little more protection. Designing a chain link fence comes with a lot of choices, so speak with your fence installer soon.

Consider the Colors
Chain link fencing is a great fencing option because of the variety you have available when installing it. Your chain link can be made from galvanized steel or aluminized steel, which are both corrosion-preventative means of protecting the steel. Another form of protection is with a vinyl, color-coated chain link. With vinyl, you have the option of black, brown, and green color choices. You may have a color preference based on your surrounding landscape, house color, or additional fence colors.

Screen for Privacy
On top of providing great protection and needing minimal fence repairs, chain link fences can be altered to provide privacy. By installing a fence screen, you can have a secure metal fence surrounding your property and also maintain your privacy. Many fence screens come in a variety of colors and designs. Fence weave and hedge slats are other types of covers designed to offer privacy and decoration to your chain link fence. For commercial fences, there are reflective slats that can be inserted into a chain link. These slats might be in the shape of an arrow or design to communicate to someone at night by the light of a flashlight or car headlight.

Decorate with Plants
If you have always liked the look of hedges in your front yard or vines crawling up your fence, then chain link is the material for you. Due to the crisscrossing links, crawling plants have a greater chance of climbing the fence and offering added privacy for your property. Additionally, with proper maintenance, you shouldn’t have to worry about the plants damaging the galvanized or aluminized steel.

Call Paramount Fence to schedule your fence installation in Chicagoland today. We are available to take your call at (630) 406-8410.

The Benefits of a Red Cedar Fence

Red cedar fences are the best choice when installing a wooden fence. This beautiful wood is a popular choice across the United States, because it is durable and an eco-friendly choice for homeowners.

Watch the video for all the ways red cedar is an exceptional wood for any outside project. One of the great attributes of red cedar are the oils naturally produced in the wood. These oils keep the wood from rotting and attracting harmful insects. You will also find that these exceptional wooden fences are an eco-friendly option due to the abundance of red cedar trees. This renewable resource provides a much better fence than other, manmade options.

Paramount Fence is the company to call for your new wooden fence near Chicagoland. We provide wooden fence repairs, as well as all types of installations. Call us at (830) 406-8410 to learn more about your new red cedar fence.

Spotlight on Red Cedar Fences

If you have been looking for a quality wooden fence to install around your property, you will never go wrong with a red cedar fence. These beautiful and classic-looking fences will look amazing in front of any house, no matter its style or age. On top of red cedar wood’s beautiful look, you will notice a warm and inviting smell every time you walk past your fence.

Cedar is naturally imbued with oils that help it resist rotting and attracting insects, making it one of the most durable materials for wooden fences. These oils also protect the wood from shrinking, warping, or decaying over time. As your fence ages, it will continue to look just as beautiful as the day you first installed it. Have your new red cedar fence installed as soon as possible so you can surround your property with a beautiful new fence.

Red cedar fences in Chicagoland are one of the most popular fences installed by Paramount Fence. We love installing red cedar because it rarely needs any wooden fence repairs and provides an exceptional finished product for homeowners to enjoy. Call us at (630) 406-8410 to learn how we can beautify your property with red cedar.

Caring for Your Metal Fence

>!-- There are a few habits you should maintain to keep your fence looking beautiful and functioning perfectly.-->

You have gone through the process of designing and buying your new aluminum fence; now you need to care for it properly. Aluminum and chain link fencing does not need a lot of maintenance, thankfully. However, there are a few habits you should maintain to keep your fence looking beautiful and functioning perfectly.

Clean the Landscape
You should always maintain the landscape surrounding your metal fence. Remove weeds, vines, or trash that may have collected around the fence or tangled in the slats. By removing these damaging elements, you can save yourself a lot of trouble when cleaning your fences. Landscape features that collect around or on the fences can cause moisture; this moisture can cause extra rust and damage to the metal fences.

Remove the Rust
When you notice rust, or you do your biannual fence cleaning, use a fine wire brush to remove any red markings indicating rust. Make sure the brush is not a heavy or corded wire because the paint or integrity of the fence may become damaged. After scraping the rust off, rinse the fence with a mild soap and water solution. You may wish to use an approved rust converter and primer on the fence to further protect the fence from rusting.

Protect the Fence
If you have an ornamental fence, then you probably want it to continue looking beautiful throughout its lifetime. Clean your aluminum fence at least twice a year with mild soap and water. Be sure all of the hinges are greased or lubricated regularly. Use an approved metal-grade wax on your fence, as well. You will want this applied in those moisture-heavy areas the most so your metal fence will be fully protected against rust.

Paramount Fence is your go-to provider for all fence repairs near Chicagoland. We specialize in all types of fencing installation and repairs so give us a call at (630) 406-8410. We cannot wait to work with you on your new fence!

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