The Inherent Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

When choosing a type of fence for your home, there are many different materials to consider, including wood, aluminum, and, of course, vinyl.  While any of those options make for a fine choice, vinyl fencing has a few distinct advantages over wood, especially if you’re looking to cut down on required maintenance. 


Here are a few of the advantages of vinyl fencing:


1. Strength and Flexibility- Vinyl fencing has a much higher tensile strength than a wood fence.  That means it is much harder to break or destroy, ensuring dangerous elements, such as aggressive dogs, will not be able to break through. Vinyl is also a very flexible material, making it resistant to heavy winds and storms.


2. Little Maintenance- Vinyl fences have no need to be stripped, stained, or sealed yearly to ensure the integrity of the fence.  They are resistant to water damage, rot, and rust, which means your vinyl fence will last for years without any extra care.  You can even use a power washer on the fence for quick and easy clean up without the added worry of chipping paint.


3. Environmentally Friendly- Unlike wood or metal fences, vinyl fencing is generally made of recycled material and does not contribute to the rapid consumption of natural resources. It is a non-toxic material, so any rain or wear will not pollute the surrounding soil.


4. Inexpensive- The most important advantage of vinyl fencing is that it is extremely cost effective.  You can get a beautiful fence that looks as good as any painted fence for a fraction of the cost.  Not only that, the maintenance costs are so low on vinyl fencing that the price you pay up-front for installation is likely your last significant expense.


For help installing a vinyl, wood, or wrought iron fence, contact us at Paramount Fence. Our experience will ensure that you are happy with your fence for years to come.  For more information on our services, call (630) 406-8410.

Laws To Know Before You Build A Fence On Your Property

While a fence may seem like a basic installation, there are actually a variety of codes to following when installing one.  First, know your property lines.  Hire a surveyor to figure out exact boundaries if necessary.  Also, check to be sure that your county or municipality does not require an offset from the property line.  If you cannot find a surveyor, you can figure it out yourself by going to the municipality office and looking at their property maps.  Furthermore, ensure that no permits are required for the fence.  If they are, go acquire those permits to build the fence.

 This video gives advice and guidelines you must adhere to for building a fence on your property:

If you need more information on building fences, then contact us at Paramount Fence for expert guidance on fence construction.  Call us at (630) 406-8410 for more information!

Top 2 Reasons to Consider Wood Fence Staining

Wood fencing is beautiful, but if it goes without the proper maintenance, it can deteriorate quickly.  Staining your wood fence will help you maintain its integrity, making it last for upwards of three times as long. 

Stained arbor

Here are some of the many benefits of staining your wood fence.


1. Fence Waterproofing

The outdoors provide numerous avenues through which moisture can reach your fence, be it from the rain or the splash of a garden hose.  If unstained, then water can quickly deteriorate your fence by causing rot and mildew to form.  Wood stain will create a barrier that prevents the water from saturating the inner fibers.


2. Adds Color/Prevents Discoloration

Some stains add color to the wood while still preserving the natural beauty of the wood grain.  Stains range from subtle tones that mildly enhance the wood’s natural beauty, while others coat the wood with a bright, vibrant shade.  You can use these stains to match your wood fence to the colors of your house or your outside décor.  Also, stains lessen the impact of direct exposure to sunlight, which causes discoloration.  Even clear stains will prevent discoloration, allowing you to maintain the beauty of your wood fence for years to come.


If you are looking to install a wood fence, aluminum fence, vinyl fence, or wrought iron fence, then contact us at Paramount Fence.  We’ll ensure that your fence is installed properly, adequately protected, and in line with all codes and regulations.  Call (630) 406-8410 for more information!

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At Paramount Fence of Batavia, Illinois, we are here to help you.  If you're interested in fencing, then visit our website or call us at (630) 406-8410.  Be sure to ask about the gorgeous cedar fencing that you'll love.


Being a Good Neighbor with Privacy Fencing

Rightfully so, many people take the time to consider how their neighbors will feel about installing a brand new wood or aluminum fence.  Is it truly rude to add a privacy fence for the security of your kids, personal privacy, and the betterment of your property?  The answer is, of course not.  In fact, good neighbors add privacy fences. 

Oh My!

Here are a few of the reasons a privacy fence is a part of being a great neighbor.


1. Privacy- Just as you wouldn't shower with the bathroom window open, there is no reason to expose everything that goes on in your backyard.  Now, if you have friends over, then you be putting shuffling movement in your neighbor’s peripheral vision any longer.  It will be in the privacy of your own backyard and if you wish to invite them over, then you’ll always have that option!


2. Security- Privacy fencing improves the security of your home because it helps to limit access to your property.  No burglar will be able to pass through a tough wrought iron fence. Some of the same security benefits are beneficial to your neighbor, given the fact you share a property line.  Potential criminals will be aware of the fact that people in your area are serious about security, and they’ll never know what kind of systems lay within your neighbor’s home.  


3. Resale Value- Curb appeal always improves resale value and that's exactly what privacy fencing will do for your home.  Remember, security and privacy are commodities that are beneficial and profitable to the entire neighborhood—especially when it's selling time.  High property values usually affect the entire surrounding community.


At Paramount Fence of Batavia, Illinois, we believe that a privacy fence can be of great importance for you and your neighborhood.  If you're interested in privacy fencing, then visit our website or call us at (630) 406-8410.  Be sure to ask about the gorgeous cedar fencing that you'll love.

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