Highlighting the Benefits of Privacy Fences

If you’re considering your options for a new fence, you may be wondering about the benefits offered by privacy fences. A privacy fence has several points over other options, but is it right for your property? Here are some of the advantages to keep in mind as you consider privacy fence installation at your home.


Privacy fences can play an important role in your home security. If you have kids and pets who play outside, a privacy fence will help to keep them contained in the yard while obscuring any view of them from people outside of your home. Additionally, the fencing doesn’t allow anyone to see inside of your home, so your property is not in full view of people who pass by. This can discourage burglars who could be looking for homes to target.

Environmental Protection

The solid construction of privacy fences can offer your home some protection from the elements. They can help to reduce the amount of wind that blows across your property, which not only makes your outdoor space more comfortable but also protects your plants. Privacy fences can also provide shade in your yard that can make it more enjoyable to be outside on hot, sunny days.


Privacy fences can help to give you more livable space by making your yard more comfortable. The additional privacy created by the fence can make you feel more relaxed when you’re outside. The fence also muffles sound from nearby roads and neighbors. With the help of a privacy fence, your yard can feel like a private retreat rather than a public area in view of whoever happens to pass by.

Let Paramount Fence help you consider all of your options for new fence installation in Chicagoland, so you can choose the right type and materials for your needs and budget. We offer a wide variety of fence options and full repair services to help you maintain your investment for years to come. To learn more, call us at (630) 406-8410.

How to Protect Your Wood Fence from Cold Weather Damage

Winter weather can be particularly risky for wood fences. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to protect your fence and make sure it stays in good condition throughout the long winter season. Follow these steps to keep your wood fence safe from cold weather:

Keep Your Trees Trimmed

One major risk to wood fences in the wintertime is damage caused by tree limbs that collapse under the weight of the snow. You can prevent this from happening before winter even begins by having any trees that hang over the fence trimmed. How often your trees need to be trimmed depends on the type and how quickly they grow, but monitor them and make sure they are trimmed back before the first snowfall. It is also a good idea to trim trees that overhang your house for the same reason.

Maintain the Stain and Seal

It is essential for any wood fence to have a weatherproofing stain or seal to prevent water damage. This is especially important during winter, when your fence may be exposed to snow and ice for long periods of time. Melting snow and ice can cause extensive damage to your fence, including mold and decay. Staining and sealing must be done regularly on wood fences. Generally, staining and sealing should happen every two to three years, but you can test your fence by spraying it with water. If the water doesn’t bead up, then your fence needs to be treated. Test your fence before every winter season to make sure it has the proper protections.

Have Repairs Made Promptly

Any parts of your wood fence that are damaged will leave the rest of the fence more vulnerable than before. If you need new panels or any other replacements, have them done promptly to prevent further issues. Have fence repairs performed by a professional to ensure that they are done correctly.

Whether you need wood fence repairs in Chicagoland or are interested in new fence installation, Paramount Fence has the services you need. Schedule an appointment for a free estimate today by calling (630) 406-8410.

Improving the Appearance of Your Chain Link Fence

If you’re searching for a new fence that fits your budget but still looks good on your property, don’t rule out chain link. It’s easy to upgrade the appearance of a traditional chain link fence with just a little bit of paint. This video explains more.

If you like chain link fences but don’t love the silver color, simply coat your fence with flat, black paint. You can also mix in a small amount of green or brown paint to lighten up the color slightly. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of chain link fences with the aesthetic appeal of ornamental fences.

For new fence installation and fence repairs in the Chicagoland area, choose Paramount Fence. Talk to one of our fencing pros today by calling (630) 406-8410.

Spotlight on Ornamental Commercial Fences

Commercial fences have to be functional, but they can also be aesthetically appealing. At Paramount Fence, we can help you select the right commercial fence for your property, so you can ensure that the fence meets the needs of your business and has the design you want.

We offer ornamental steel fences as well as board-and-batten ornamental fencing and ornamental pool fencing. The right kind of commercial fencing for your property depends on a number of different factors, including the size of the space you’re enclosing and why you need a fence. For instance, if you need commercial fencing for a pool, your fence design must meet specific safety requirements, while if you’re looking for a fence for an outdoor eating area, you may wish to consider your customers’ privacy.

Let Paramount Fence help your business with all of your commercial fence needs in Chicagoland. You can contact us today to discuss your options for fence installation by calling (630) 406-8410.

Is It Possible to Install a New Fence in the Winter?

Fence installation during the winter isn’t easy, but it is possible. The trick is to hire a professional with the right tools to handle the job for you. Here is a look at what you need to know about installing fences during the winter.

Why consider installing a fence during the winter?

Although winter is not typically a season for being outdoors, a fence can still have practical purposes. If your existing fence is damaged, you may want to install a new fence as soon as possible. Sometimes, homeowners who relocate during the winter months don’t want to wait until spring to start on improving their outdoor space. In other cases, people trying to sell their homes believe that fence installation will boost their house’s curb appeal and bring in potential buyers. In many instances, waiting for warmer weather is simply not an option.

How are fences installed during winter?

The degree of difficulty of fence installation during winter comes down to how cold the temperatures are. Fence posts must be installed to a certain depth to be sturdy, and if the ground is frozen, this requires special tools. Typically, it is necessary to use a jackhammer to get through frozen ground and create a hole that is big and deep enough for fence installation. Additionally, there is a risk of the concrete used to secure the posts freezing before the installation can be completed. Your fence installation company will mix an additive into the concrete to prevent this from happening. For these reasons, winter fence installation is a job for the professionals.

Is it ever impossible to install fences during winter?

In some cases, the ground may simply become too frozen to dig deep enough and adequately secure the fence. The ground must also be as dry as possible, so snow and slush could make it difficult to install fencing.

At Paramount Fence, we’re up to the task of wintertime fence installation in Chicagoland. Don’t put your installation on the back burner until spring. Call us today at (630) 406-8410 to talk to one of our professionals about your fencing options.

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