A Homeowner's Guide to Preparing for a New Fence

The summer season is in full swing, and now is a great time to prepare for a fence installation in Chicagoland. With a brand new wooden or metal fence on your property, you will be able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with your family and friends. When you are working with a fence contractor to install a brand new fence, there are several factors that you will need to keep in mind. Read on for an essential guide to preparing for your new fence.

Consider Your Needs

When you are preparing to install a new fence on your property, it is a terrific idea to take the time to consider your needs for your new fencing installation. For example, if you are a dog owner, you may want to make sure that you install a completely dog proof fence in your yard. If privacy is a concern, you should make sure that your fence is tall enough to block traffic and passersby.

Evaluate Your Materials

When you are planning a new fence installation, you should also consider all of the materials that are available to you. For example, if you are seeking an elegant look for your new fence, you may want to choose a wooden fence for your installation. Other common fence materials include metal, vinyl, and PVC.

Do Your Research

Finally, it is important to work with your fencing contractor to do your research before you install a fence. You will want to make sure that your fence meets all of the fencing codes that are outlined by your city or county.

To get started on your brand new fence installation, you should be sure to contact Paramount Fence. We proudly serve our customers throughout Chicagoland with a variety of fence repair and installation services, and we will help you create the new fence of your dreams. Call us at (630) 225-7680 to schedule a consultation for your new fence today.

Setting Fence Posts

If you want your fence to stand the test of time, it is important that the fence installation process is done properly. Watch this video for a brief look at the procedure involved in setting fence posts.

The process of installing your fence starts with digging a hole that is about three times the size of the diameter of the post. You can use a post level to ensure that your fence is plum, or level straight up and down. Use scrap wood for temporary bracing on each side of the fence post to hold it in place while you pour your concrete.

Paramount Fence specializes in many different kinds of fence installations in Chicagoland. We are known for our fence repairs and our ornamental fences. Please do not hesitate to visit our website or give us a call at (630) 225-7680 to find out more about our fence installations.

The Benefits of PVC Fences

Wood fences can be gorgeous and chain link fences are maintenance-free, but what if you want the best of both worlds? PVC fences can offer aesthetic appeal and function while requiring little to no maintenance. Continue reading if you would like to learn more about the benefits of PVC fences.

PVC fences come in a range of styles and colors and can be easily integrated into your home design. Additionally, different PVC fence designs can provide you with different levels of privacy; you can use a solid fence for maximum privacy, a split rail fence for minimal privacy, or a combination for a medium amount of privacy. Your PVC fence can replicate other styles and come in an array of different colors. Perhaps the biggest advantage to PVC fences is the minimal maintenance they require for long-term service.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of PVC fences? Call Paramount Fence at (630) 225-7680 or stop by and talk to us in person. Our business is committed to providing quality fence installations in Chicagoland. Feel free to visit our website if you would like to learn more about our PVC, metal, or ornamental fences today.

What You Need to Know About Chain Link Fences

Each fence installation is different, so it is important to do some research before you decide what kind of fence you would like on your property. A new chain link fence may serve a variety of purposes and complement various different aesthetics. Read on to find out what you need to know about chain link fences.


Although a large wooden fence tends to serve as a prototype for a privacy fence, this is not the only way you can enjoy the privacy you are looking for. Chain link fences are available with privacy slats that may block different amounts of light from showing through; this will allow you to increase your privacy levels to the perfect degree. Chain link fences are also excellent for marking boundaries or restricting access to your property. These types of fences are often found surrounding sporting arenas like baseball fields and tennis courts.


Chain link fences can enhance the aesthetic value of your property thanks to the range of colors and styles in which they are available. They are typically available in black, brown, or green vinyl or galvanized steel. You can also use different colored privacy slats to mix and match with your actual fence color for a creative and unique visual appeal. An artistic eye can use chain link fences to improve the curb appeal of a home or business.


Certain fences may require consistent maintenance in order to retain aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Chain link fences, however, are not so demanding. This type of fence requires little to no maintenance and will grace you with an extensive working life. If you are looking to surround your yard with a durable and long-lasting fence that you do not have to maintain, chain link is a great option.

For more information about chain link fences feel free to call Paramount Fence at (630) 225-7680. Our fence installation company is happy to offer a variety of fences and fence repairs near Chicagoland. We specialize in metal, ornamental, and chain link fences. Please do not hesitate to visit our website or meet with us today.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe with a Dog-Proof Fence

A new fence installation may serve one of many purposes: You may want to relax in your yard behind the security of a privacy fence, or you may want a practical way to keep your kids and pets close to home. Read on if you would like to find out how you can keep your dog safe with a dog-proof fence.

Choose the Right Materials

A dog-proof fence can offer you a little extra peace of mind as long as it is properly designed and maintained. Part of the design process includes determining what kind of materials will protect your dog and keep it safe. Chain link fences might injure your dog if it attempts to chew through it, and some types of wood fences may not be able to stand up to your dog’s clawing and chewing. Consider a sturdy wood or a vinyl fence for your dog.

Determine the Proper Fence Height

Once you have decided on a fence material, you will then have to determine the proper height. You can do this by assessing how high your dog can jump and setting your fence height accordingly. Keep in mind that some small dogs can jump even higher than other large dogs. It is wise to add a couple of extra inches to the height of your fence as a safety net, and it helps to remove anything that could help your dog jump over the fence.

Consider Other Animals

The final component to your dog-proof fence design is the consideration of other animals. Although the slats of your wood fence may be close enough together to keep your dog in the yard, they may not be close enough to keep cats, squirrels, and other animals out. Your slats should be tall and close together for this reason.

If you are interested in keeping your dog safe with a dog-proof fence, contact Paramount Fence or visit our website. We offer fence installation and repair services in addition to dog-proof fences near Chicagoland. Please stop by and meet with us or give us a call at (630) 225-7680 for more information about our services.

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